this week i

published on potential exemptions from medicaid work requirements.

wish they'd look beyond dinosaurs for these jurassic park sequels.  next film in the franchise ought to feature a far-future species that evolves on earth long after our own extinction, re-animates humanity against the advice of their scientists, and then humans do what we're best at: hunt in groups, conspire, rampage, open kitchen doors.  holocene safari

always thought the banana was the most suitable telephone replacement, but in the francophone world, it's the appel.

tap the mouse, wake the computer screen out of hibernation.  like the fonz at the jukebox.

look at this map, maybe five percent of the pixels within the united states' borders are the color of the railroads.  but in the united states itself, railroad tracks cover less than one tenth of one percent of the actual land surface area.  that's what makes it a map.


this week i

need infrastructure.

realized we live in a dystopia for pigs, cows, chicken.

learned sports commentators have a grammatical tense mostly to themselves.

wonder if facebook or google (android) actually have a map of every living human.  more technical question for the graph theorists: how many nodes do you need access to before you can interpolate the entire network?  if given demographics, communication connections, geolocations on two of the world's seven billion people, could you loosely project the positions and preferences of the other five billion?  in the same way that diseases have herd immunity thresholds or herd immunity levels, what saturation level or penetration rate does humanity need to cross before tech companies can more or less fill in every node on the network graph?


(1) our society making a murderer

hollow points are more lethal.  when one hits a person, body fluids enter the tip and cause the metal slug to spread and deform into a spiked wheel, which continues to progress, shredding internal organs.  they cost about seventy-five cents each, twice the cost of a standard bullet

what is oddly missing from him is hatred in its hot form

(2) gangsters for capitalism

for mark twain and william james, the bullying mentality was epitomized in theodore roosevelt.  twain called him "clearly insane" and "the most formidable disaster that has befallen the country since the civil war"

after the election of 1900, when mckinley defeated the anti-imperialist bryan, his administration openly embraced what we now call counterinsurgency tactics-burning native villages, cutting off food and medical supplies, torturing prisoners for information, and murdering suspected collaborators, including women and children.  "it is not civilized warfare," wrote the philadelphia ledger, "but we are not dealing with civilized people."  yet not even uncivilized warfare could end the insurgency.  when tr appointed general jake smith to subdue the rebellious samar province, smith ordered his men to kill anyone capable of bearing arms-a population he defined as anyone over ten

watched step (2017)

[on hopkins admission] change of the game.  change of the game, shorty.

watched vertigo.  apparently that other hitchcock film starred australian magpies.

is this some kind of gallup poll?


this week i

confirmed that the wikipedia random article link doesn't over-weight articles with more pageviews.

wonder how long until humans evolve pockets.  hey, walking in on someone using an atm is a little like walking in on someone taking a shit.

learned huey long beat back a coup d'etat attempt.

watched whiskey tango foxtrot..

the thing is, i have a very serious boyfriend
alright well talk to me in two months when your pussy is eating your leg

i mean, even the dutch army don't wear orange

the russians are blacks now

hearts and minds.  two best places to shoot somebody

watched silence after reading the synopsis.  all for a christian burial.


(1) men buried alive

the state rules against parents touching their children serve no apparent purpose; that the government (in this case us attorney rudolph giuliani's deputies) spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to keep a mother from holding her baby seems particularly irrational and despicable

(2) corporate deniability

the industry didn't need to win this debate, its leaders realized; only to keep it going

(3) strangling the press in east africa

(4) assumptions and missed predictions

facebook's facial recognition software can pick you out of a crowd.  facebook also follows users across thee internet, disregarding their "do not track" settings as it stalks them.  it knows every time a user visits a website that has a facebook "like" button, for example, which most websites do

"your likes suggest you are single and not in a relationship."  why?  because i've liked the page for, an organization founded by the man with whom i've been in a relationship for thirty years!

(5) suffocating tibet

policemen dressed as monks

beijing's order no. 5, in force since 2007, "essentially prohibiting tibetan lamas from reincarnating without prior approval from the chinese government

(6) voice activation

a six-year-old girl in dallas covertly ordered herself a dollhouse from echo.  amazon, to her parents' surprise, delivered one costing $170, as well, mysteriously, as four pounds of sugar cookies.  then a tv report on that story in san diego caused other people's echos to order dollshouses of their own


this week i

published on the effects of tying immigration decisions to government program participation.

published our annual state of enrollment in and premiums for medicare's drug benefit.

explored our highest earning years in aggregate.  late thirties to late fifties.

learned gorbachev's distinctive birthmark has an icd-9 code.


this week i

published on promoting price competition in the privatized medicare market.

have known the onion to be wrong only once.  hey, what percent of the exobiology curriculum is ontology?

rank opera the most appropriate genre for movie murder scenes.  youtube has chicken decapitations but search suggest stops after "chicken deca"

found an abandoned wikipedia article.  program ended in 2012, you wouldn't know it from the 2018 page.

learned berber and barbary coast root from the greek onomatopoeia for babbler, blah blah, which gave us the old french our cognate: barbarian

know the drill: the cashier glances then frowns into the register, then offers you chocolate instead of change.

see his posters across abidjan.  bold.


this week i

paid six dollars for a two-month gym membership along my running route.  if you please, avert marching over the mat with yous shoes

had no idea google gives you a free unix terminal, useful for debugging when travis fails.

hailed five taxis before settling on six dollars, enough french to understand i'd pay the bridge toll.  with traffic, thirty minutes before out of range of home wifi signal.  chili paneer pakora for breakfast then some walking around the harbor lagoon.  no open ocean views in cosmopolitan marcory, only semis parked outside the chocolate plant

scrolled through grizzly vs siberian tiger.  same vitriol you'd expect from internet comment boards, but with politics and culture wars stripped away.

would name my band after a truncated george carlin quote, "lava in the living room"

read about the attention merchants.

at an above-average $10 cpm, the cost per thousand views, an advertiser is paying one cent per thirty-second increment of distraction.  for the user, that works out to a rate of sixty cents an hour for watching ads.  the problem isn't simply that attention has been made into a commodity, it's that it's so undervalued.  marketers buy our time for far less than its worth


this week i

took a cross-town taxi to sit and chat and eat with a toothpick.

wonder what's happening here.  oh, dog grooming.  a weird word.

 consider this the world's worst waterslide.

paid four dollars for the summer ritual.


this week i

calculated the number of living former presidents throughout us history.  adams and jefferson died on the same day.  btw fdr was cal ripken

questioned the recency of the discovery of zero until i realized the calculators of adolescence didn't have backspace.

hailed a taxi to the red balloon on the map nearby the embassy.  buckwheat with the scissors, no.  marlene cooked my next meal, yes.

spaced saturday, ate a jar of olives.  one dog goes one way and the other dog goes the other way..and this guy's sayin', whaddya want from me


this week i

published on the children of immigrants to clarify how many citizen kids would be affected by safety net restrictions.

wonder what democrats do if they win the 2018 senate and a supreme court justice dies.

live across from o roi du poulet but ate at the king of burger instead.  sounds better than it reads: hakuna mothafuckintata

made epsilonic improvements to  this is my assateague shirt.


this week i

moved into a penthouse.  you ask google which is the best continent and it thinks maybe you want breakfast.


this week i

ate a homecooked meal then slept a few minutes on one of two abandoned mattresses in ulisse's third bedroom before ayo drove us to the airport.  departing immigration officer asked me to buy him a coffee, i smiled broadly and repeated je non comprais pas as clumsily as possible.  touch down at noon, bags to the hotel with the pool, taxi to where i found realtors hanging out on the street november twenty sixteen.  where are the rental agents?  are you a rental agent?  i found pierre, i trusted pierre.  good friday, everything slow.  we toured what he could muster in one day that matched my hand-written list, nothing suitable.  back to the hotel, marlene looked nice for me and couldn't help but smile.  we ordered room service, ptfo.  woke before dawn, still unsettled, reserved on airbnb, called pierre to apologize, and that was the end of it.

paid a taxi six dollars to get as close as recollection allowed. searched my telephone during the cab ride and google said, "you visited here one year ago" to a familiar-on-the-map breadshop on the skeletal electronic road.  bingo, but still a mile away.  little rivers of plastic blocked the vehicle so continued on foot alongside children shrieking, "the white" in the early evening.  found my way to eric who recognized me, was amazed, invited me for a big beer or a small beer.  his friend delphin talked politics and shook my hand whenever he agreed with something i said.  a warm evening.


this week i

learned the kids abbreviate thank you (merci) with mr6 (mer sees).  understanding people's secondhand clothing is my african superpower.

brought some toys, not that one, then petite amusement park, indian dinner, french dessert.

searched "a change is gonna do me good" and page one google said etta james, etta james, etta james.  sorry, looking for elton john's honky cat.