this week i

published on out of pocket spending among americans on medicare.

consider friendship, at its core, an unspoken agreement that you enjoy watching one another live your lives.

drove the robert c. byrd appalachian highway system.

rented a blackwater falls cabin.

passed the ranger, parked with low beams, to the 24h gas station.  "could i buy beer or is it too late?"  "sorry, it's 2:05, sales stop at two" i rustled around in front of the more bespoke snacks, these organic gummy bears look healthy.  "actually the time just changed, it's 1:05"  miller light, please

hope i'm aiming for peace rather than victory.

ate a cheesesteak burrito and other mountain statements.


(1) adaptation

walk in, take off mask, order coffee.  put mask back on, walk out

from here on it's triage

we have built our megacities - 13 of the largest twenty are ports - in sinking river deltas

'even if germany's future temperature range becomes like that of italy today, italian crops are not guaranteed to grow in german fields.  soil and pests will remain different, and so too will the length of the days

(2) drug movement

the organization owned more planes than aeromexico

during prohibition, border patrol agents would rock cars back and forth to listen for sloshing liquor

narco-juniors tend to flaunt their wealth on social media with photos of pet panthers and stacks of cash

(3) slithering audibly in the north korean garden

the argument of western governments is that, far from protecting him, nuclear weapons put kim in greater danger of being attacked, and that if he obediently gives over his deterrent he will enjoy a rich bounty.  recent examples of those who were persuaded to reverse nuclear course provide strong reasons to doubt this.  the most prominent among them, gaddafi, was lynched in 2011, shortly after being sodomised with a bayonet, in a libyan uprising backed up by american bombardment.  the more recent nuclear deal with iran is in jeopardy after the present us government abandoned the agreement painstakingly reached by its predecessor.  you don't have to approve morally of anything about the kim regime to conclude that, for a dictator in such circumstances, to give away nuclear weapons, rather than hold on to them, would be the behavior of a madman

the days when dictators could scarper safely off into exile, like ferdinand marcos, the shah of iran or syngman rhee, have long gone.  kim knows that in attempting to do a gorbachev, or even a deng xiaoping, he would be more likely to end up as a gaddafi or a ceausescu


this week i

published our fall update of the privatized medicare market.

sat up front for madeleine peyroux.

disabled the chrome app, disabled the youtube app, installed adblock plus on firefox android.  suddenly video searches play without the garbage ads.

found i know it when i see it a legislative pile-upno opinion, including the two dissenting ones, had the support of more than two justices


(1) sixty six million years ago

the shockwaves generated global earthquakes of immense magnitude.  what had been solid ground rippled and bounced like liquid for thousands of miles.  vast volcanic eruptions were triggered, and giant tsunamis surged across the oceans and far inland.  winds of six hundred miles an hour howled across the planet, and the molten rock thrown up into the atmosphere by the impact rained down in a hail of hot glassy blobs and spears, heating the air as it fell until the forests ignited and living things cooked.  all this within the first two hours or so.  soot, dust and smoke filled the atmosphere, eclipsing the sun, and for years afterwards the earth was cold, dark, bathed in acid rain.  this 'nuclear winter' was sufficiently severe and long-lasting to halt photosynthesis on land and in the oceans, causing the collapse of those ecosystems that had survived the initial cataclysm.  some 70 percent of living species were eliminated.  foremost among those that perished were the charismatic, mysterious creatures whose lineage had dominated the planet for well over a hundred million years - the dinosaurs

below the line was a profusion of diverse fossil shells from the planktonic foraminifera that crowded cretaceous oceans; above it, almost nothing.  and not only did tiny sea creatures disappear at the boundary line, but fossils of larger creatures are absent immediately above it too, both on land and at sea.  there are no dinosaurs above it at all: 'nothing..not a single bone or a single footprint anywhere'

they were specialised, and their food webs were underpinned by photosynthesising plants.  they were energetic and needed huge amounts of food, and they laid eggs which took months to hatch.  they could not adapt their diets like an omnivore, hide in a hole like a mouse or lizard, sink to the bottom of a lake like a crocodile, or go into hibernation and not eat for months like a tortoise (creatures like these survived)

the problem of dinosaurs gigantism seems to be that they had unusually efficient lungs, which worked on the same design found in birds..its unique efficiency seems to have helped sauropods to grow into giants, giving a t. rex the bursts of energy needed to strike its prey from ambush and bite down with a force of three thousand pounds per tooth; today, the design makes it possible for modern birds to fly enormous distances in freezing and rarefied air

(2) san joaquin

fruit and vegetable picking is a one-generation job-farmworkers i spoke to neither wanted nor would allow their children to follow them into the fields


this week i

drove to chickahominy shores.  i drank one miller lite alone with don miguel.  we walked past the living museum, through fields of rvs, along late-night train tracks.  dale ann bradley smiled at me, sister sadie sat outside while we ate rockahock mussels.  pasta, sardines, hot tub before bed.


still have a person for a father.  one meals on wheels delivery included a solitary lemon.

propose a revision: extinct in the wild.


this week i

met rupak for soba, pork cutlet, okonomiyaki at the north bethesda (rockville) izakaya.

unleashed a quilt.

received sitka salmon shares from galesburg from michelle, third degree burns on the way.

spotted a hawk in the neighbor's tree, maybe red tailed, hopefully hungry for doves.

mourn zero editorial standards.  she misspoke, said turkey, meant syria, a forgivable mistake during a fast-paced interview.  chyron-writer dumdum.

take it as a testament to astronomy that mariners knew their positions well enough to record every position.

read about poison made by physicists..

the attlee government decided to build nuclear weapons in january 1947, and to set up british camps x, w and y.  william penney, who had worked at los alamos, was chosen to direct the atomic weapon research establishment at aldermaston in berkshire, which was to be the british equivalent of los alamos and arzamas-16

aldermaston identified polonium-210 as the poison in litvinenko's tea


this week i

updated our estimates of the impact of pre-existing conditions protections, with new family-wide statistics.

spent the weekend in lancaster.  high german spoken by bonneted faces, bluegrass billie jean in the central square, brew-chanan in worst former president park, unclear why not andrew johnson.  we assembled two raspberry pis, reviewed euclid's, euler's proofs of infinite primes, tidal-locking.

live another day together.  when you go to a restaurant, you see people who will be in love.  just, everyone sitting together now, looking at one another's faces for thirty or ninety minutes, having a moment.  even if they're salespeople.  even if they're rivals.  everyone at every restaurant is there because they value the person at the other end of the table enough to share a meal with them.  we might mistake it for not love, not love, just friendship, just business.  but one day they all realize, we all realize how few and special the people we spent our time with are.  life feels long while it's lived, short as it ends


(1) the lasting revolution

unless you're reading this review in an old-growth forest, nearly everything you're looking at now was factory-made

taking orders, pooling knowledge, the repetition of segmented, rationalized tasks, leaving your home to work-by the early twentieth century, what had started within the factory's gates had transformed work outside them

(2) shark attack statistics

globally, sharks are responsible for just 0.00002 per cent of all deaths

59 per cent of shark attack victims were surfing or taking part in other board sports at the time.  (only 2 per cent were scuba diving.)

(3) battle of the sexes in china

in 2016, ian mckellen went to the people's park in downtown shanghai, holding a piece of paper: 5'11", 77 years old, cambridge university, house in london, still active.  his fans loved it, and it was very funny


this week i

emptied dishwasher, garbage, folded laundry, arranged the fridge, laid friday saturday sunday pill trays on the kitchen table.  our first conversation many mornings: in the garage as i fetch birdfeed.  code runs toward a ninety minute breakpoint, ideal for interim exercise, though yesterday i had improved its efficiency, now only needs one hour.  back, pack, one more check that the house and my father in it will last till sunday.  potholes on the parkway, virginia fails to care for its communal goods, newark before i knew it, a confusing name, they didn't call camden phildelta.  the shivakotis circled the globe with a four year old since i saw them last, we chatted about pokhara before programming and palisades playground.  bear mountain zoo had noah's two by two foxes, bears, skinks, uncategorized birds like the ark must have had, only one coyote sighted from concrete heights over the electrified fence.  we rented a boat to wave to grandparents onshore and riya yelled ammarama, same as i called mine nanassunta, nanaanna.  she whispered, "that's yummy" at the hot dog (cat tail) exhibit, then full of pretzel and oktoberfestive fried chicken, we napped till priyanka returned from chicago thunderstorms, watched six hours of made for tv mossad digesting two spicy onion pancakes, leonia milkshakes.

landed fifteen minutes apart, trouble locating the car both in the economy lot then again at tobacco quay, if only we had the tesla 'come to me' feature.  people picnicking a la paris et a londres in the riverside parks, we walked twice the length of olde towne mostly talking about five years from now, conspiracy means "to breathe together" in latin.  and kyle, i always liked kyle.  "and then he sent a link."

invented a joke for the geographers in the room.  how does iceland say, "hey, new york!"?  like this.  how does iceland say, "hey, london!"?  like that.

hear jerry garcia's voice come through the music.  conversation between whore and pimp, what i expect to read in dans la deche a paris et a londres.


this week i

published what we believe new dhs rules might change about the health system.

released the twenty-first annual survey.  cynthia allowed this one (lower left) above the fold.

clarified ancient greek for corrupting the youth.  socrates was executed by the athenian republic for questioning the existence of god.

cann0t, for the life of me, figure out who would be against the preservation of the earth in its current, healthy bio-form.  the world's rich elderly?  do they not have children?  there's no one alive right now that benefits from the status quo more than from a world where our species takes drastic action.  hey, ceo!  your life and the life of your family will be richer, safer, better if you help us out than if you profit and ignore the problem a bit longer.  you and i are living on a climactic precipice.  your wealth won't be legal tender in the governments surviving ecological collapse.

drove to annapolis.  david bought legs for a table, i from an octopus.  how much to glue the chrome jaguar onto the hood of a honda crv?

coaxed my father out of the house, fifty percent success rate.

may never join my generation.

held the most common male baby name in nevada for the entirety of the second and third bush terms.


(1) genetics of genus

the contribution of european-american men to the genetic make-up of today's african american population is about four times that of european-american women

(2) keynes' whiggish liberalism

'economists set themselves too easy, too useless a task,' he said, 'if in tempestuous seasons they can only tell us that when the storm is long past the ocean is flat again.'  economics must address the storm as well as the calm: it must account for both full employment and for chronic and persistent unemployment, the norm and the exception

economics would have achieved its true calling, he joked, if it achieved the status of dentistry

(3) who is democracy

economist dambisa moyo recommends increased eligibility requirements for political candidates, including a mandatory period of non-political work experience; government-backed voter education as a means of nudging citizens towards the 'right long-term policy choices'; and weighted voting, with three tiers of voter, 'unqualified', 'standard qualified' and 'highly qualified', as a means of boosting 'the influence of the best-imformed segment of the electorate'.  runciman is unpersuaded: epistocracy risks the creation of an arrogant, group-thinking 'monster'.  there is, he writes, much to be said for an untutored populace that frequently changes its mind: 'ignorance and foolishness don't oppress in the same way that knowledge and wisdom do, precisely because they are incompetent.'

(4) no such thing as the murder of a vietnamese civilian

hersh's first dispatch on my lai focused on the army's charge that calley had killed 109 civilians.  life and look magazines turned the piece down; robert silvers of the new york review of books offered to publish it, but only if hersh added an explicit critique of the vietnam war.  hersh wanted the story to speak for itself.  he finally gave it to the independent journalist david obst's dispatch news service.  thirty-six newspapers picked up the story, but the new york times wasn't among them; time, newsweek and the television networks ignored it.  self-censorship was pervasive.  the washington post was an exception: the post's editors rewrote it, adding pentagon denials, and put it on the front page

who will rid me of this troublesome priest

(5) hallucinogenics

the variability of patients' responses made them, under the new definition, the very opposite of 'quality' drugs; and there were no biomarkers that could be used to measure their efficacy

the claim is that their effectiveness depends not on a lifetime of daily maintenance, but on a handful of doses over a short period or even a single session: a major selling-point for prospective patients like slater, though much less attractive to big pharma


this week i

knocked on rosemarie's door opposite the two small white dogs.  wifi password her phone number, they should all be.  chicken parmigiana in unchanged in decades decor between entenmann's outlet and aquarium store, then physics homework in her dining room.  take the s and the h out of school, that's me.  submitted at ten, drove past medford vape shops, sighted l hearts b signs by eleven.  not the mutter museum but still nice.  three cabin tour by the bride on her wedding's eve, i chose the one with the electrical outlet.  mentos, diet coke, bonfire.  everyone felt good, we are all alive at the same time.  some told jokes, told spooky stories, asked about suburban dakota, wore tattoos.  we walked to the local maximum of the moonlit lake bridge, never has three hours past midnight been brighter.  i declined the special something circling those still awake, listened to the exchange of contented humans when silence doesn't descend into awkwardness.  asleep a few hours in my formal-wear, then last night's coffee, this morning's coffee, a self-assembled bacon egg bagel, back to bed.  at four p.m. the revelers held parliament on riverside earthen rows to watch oaths be sworn and a drone set free.  we ate barbecue, homemade hotsauce, i confess i like white ales.  ben shook my hand, bride kong has done well.  like leadbelly's lover, i drove out of the pines by nine for the home with the fairmount for sale sign.  six a.m. sunday, bed slid down the stairs, out the door, on my back to dodge sidewalk feces, too big to taco into a honda crv.  i can sleep after four cups of coffee, maybe not after pushing a queen mattress up a flight of stairs solo.  west toward wawa pennsylvania for chadd's ford brandywine museum because n.c. wyeth knew how to paint a pirate.  i circumvented delaware, re-fueled at the rest stop with the cashier with the grey eyes, the men in line ahead, behind me told her she was beautiful.  i delivered a desk chair, the one big black dog gently bit my wrist asking if i'll come along.  may we all be together for oh about a century.


this week i

harvested the fruit of the suburban backyard.  on earth's surface, humanity shares three of the four dimensions with everything that's ever lived.

am not surprised by the content of american politics now, maybe the volume.  41% of west virginia democrats preferred a white jailed felon to a black incumbent president as their candidate during 2012 primary.  trump hasn't murdered iraqis yet, bush still worse.  too many have lost their way.

ate dinner with liz, gayle, robert, in my father's home, a while since any had been there.  a good evening.

ate macarons at the embassy, new ambassador looks like joseph stiglitz.  long live the dead.

returned the dog.  one milestone on the road to old age: lost ability to open clamshell packaging.  on milestones, hit 'em up style old enough to vote.

lived my whole life thinking klondike and polar were synonyms.

quickly fell for baroness von sketch show.  also, rembrandt: the first artist who painted people that look like people.  who knew?

have an idea for a scholarship media network:  a consortium of university research professors and other highly-trained subject-matter experts committed to publishing a reaction to an event in the following morning's edition.  the academics and experts participating in this endeavor would be committed to newspaper-speed publication so that each daily edition serves as a complete diet of major events worldwide.  however, unlike other outlets, the reporter writing the story has been peer-reviewed him or herself, and stands out as a respected member of the community of scholars.  a newspaper written by the experts only quoted in other newspapers

think biden 2020 nobody's second choice in the primaries.  trump was second-favorite of every 2016 republican challenger's voters -- as candidates dropped out, their voters went to trump.  as biden's challengers drop out, their voters might accumulate into biden's strongest challenger.

read pankaj mishra the central language of justice.

du bois and other civil rights leaders echoed the argument of many anti-colonial activists that legal and political rights were impossible to achieve without economic security, and that a mere ban on discrimination would not address centuries of devastation.  they ran into vigorous opposition not only from white supremacists among southern democrats and conservative republicans, but also from their supposed allies: the truman administration and eleanor roosevelt, for example, who told du bois that he was embarrassing the united states before the soviet union.  none of them wanted the un to have any influence in the domestic arrangements of the us.  eventually, the naacp caved in to the defenders of white supremacy, and sidelined du bois.  abandoning its own broad definition of human rights, the naacp settled for the narrow aim of legal equality.  not surprisingly, deep inequalities in education, healthcare and housing persist to this day: the logic of a human rights movement born and nurtured under the american imperium

the thatcherite assumption that there is no alternative is no longer tenable


this week i

updated our publication on labor force experience of the medicaid population.

moved matthew's luggage across state lines, steve buscemi narrated the penitentiary tour.  if your truck is clean, you don't need a truck.

imagine tobacco company advertisements would look exactly like this, if tobacco companies were allowed to advertise in 2020.

borrowed dog for a week.  we always wonder why they let their mouths hang open, bet they think the same of us.

wonder how would the modern world be different if h.w. had been eaten and w. never born?  speaking of feasts, new backyard bird buffet.

would love a population map of the north pacific as an animation over time, colored by ethnicity.  russians brought european diseases to the aleuts.

listened to episode 126. 

milky way is a partial english translation of the word galaxy.  the word galaxy passed from greek to latin to french to english.  the connection between milky way and galaxy is a lot more apparent when you realize that the "lax" part of galaxy comes from the same root as lactose.  when the greeks observed the night sky, they noticed a light band that stretched across the sky.  it was milky-white in appearance.  so the greeks called it galaxias kyklos, literally the milky circle.  latin speakers then borrowed the term, but they modified it from milky circle to milky way.  it was "via lactea" in latin.  and english speakers simply took that latin term "via lactea" and they did a direct translation into english as milky way.

mean this in the most profound sense: i speak fluently in what is my deep down in-built native tongue with only one old friend.