this week i

harvested the fruit of the suburban backyard.  on earth's surface, humanity shares three of the four dimensions with everything that's ever lived.

am not surprised by the content of american politics now, maybe the volume.  41% of west virginia democrats preferred a white jailed felon to a black incumbent president as their candidate during 2012 primary.  trump hasn't murdered iraqis yet, bush still worse.  too many have lost their way.

ate dinner with liz, gayle, robert, in my father's home, a while since any had been there.  a good evening.

ate macarons at the embassy, new ambassador looks like joseph stiglitz.  long live the dead.

returned the dog.  one milestone on the road to old age: lost ability to open clamshell packaging.  on milestones, hit 'em up style old enough to vote.

lived my whole life thinking klondike and polar were synonyms.

quickly fell for baroness von sketch show.  also, rembrandt: the first artist who painted people that look like people.  who knew?

have an idea for a scholarship media network:  a consortium of university research professors and other highly-trained subject-matter experts committed to publishing a reaction to an event in the following morning's edition.  the academics and experts participating in this endeavor would be committed to newspaper-speed publication so that each daily edition serves as a complete diet of major events worldwide.  however, unlike other outlets, the reporter writing the story has been peer-reviewed him or herself, and stands out as a respected member of the community of scholars.  a newspaper written by the experts only quoted in other newspapers

think biden 2020 nobody's second choice in the primaries.  trump was second-favorite of every 2016 republican challenger's voters -- as candidates dropped out, their voters went to trump.  as biden's challengers drop out, their voters might accumulate into biden's strongest challenger.

read pankaj mishra the central language of justice.

du bois and other civil rights leaders echoed the argument of many anti-colonial activists that legal and political rights were impossible to achieve without economic security, and that a mere ban on discrimination would not address centuries of devastation.  they ran into vigorous opposition not only from white supremacists among southern democrats and conservative republicans, but also from their supposed allies: the truman administration and eleanor roosevelt, for example, who told du bois that he was embarrassing the united states before the soviet union.  none of them wanted the un to have any influence in the domestic arrangements of the us.  eventually, the naacp caved in to the defenders of white supremacy, and sidelined du bois.  abandoning its own broad definition of human rights, the naacp settled for the narrow aim of legal equality.  not surprisingly, deep inequalities in education, healthcare and housing persist to this day: the logic of a human rights movement born and nurtured under the american imperium

the thatcherite assumption that there is no alternative is no longer tenable


this week i

updated our publication on labor force experience of the medicaid population.

moved matthew's luggage across state lines, steve buscemi narrated the penitentiary tour.  if your truck is clean, you don't need a truck.

imagine tobacco company advertisements would look exactly like this, if tobacco companies were allowed to advertise in 2020.

borrowed dog for a week.  we always wonder why they let their mouths hang open, bet they think the same of us.

wonder how would the modern world be different if h.w. had been eaten and w. never born?  speaking of feasts, new backyard bird buffet.

would love a population map of the north pacific as an animation over time, colored by ethnicity.  russians brought european diseases to the aleuts.

listened to episode 126. 

milky way is a partial english translation of the word galaxy.  the word galaxy passed from greek to latin to french to english.  the connection between milky way and galaxy is a lot more apparent when you realize that the "lax" part of galaxy comes from the same root as lactose.  when the greeks observed the night sky, they noticed a light band that stretched across the sky.  it was milky-white in appearance.  so the greeks called it galaxias kyklos, literally the milky circle.  latin speakers then borrowed the term, but they modified it from milky circle to milky way.  it was "via lactea" in latin.  and english speakers simply took that latin term "via lactea" and they did a direct translation into english as milky way.

mean this in the most profound sense: i speak fluently in what is my deep down in-built native tongue with only one old friend.


this week i

sewed up three books of spice.


this week i

landed late, better than never.  a big forty eight hours.

toured town with my brattleboro brahs.  speaking of senescence, good name for a cemetery.

hiked molly stark state park.  isn't chipmunk a monkey?  fire tower, branch pond, grout pond.  their child will live in artisinal bubble wrap

checked for ticks, couvade.  do you think she cries herself to sleep at night?  head-on collision with two butterflies, lo siento!  coloradan accents also

woke up without rooster, some of us still tired.  wachusett mountain views more bespoke than walden pond.  emilie ordered a small


this week i

watched senator casey read our numbers into the congressional record at 01:46:20.

thank montgomery county, the ancient rusted shelf collapsed, no-hassle home pickup.  verizon will call you back on the 32nd.

submitted my os geo int final.  last lecture discussed digital twin: if you can model nearly perfectly (like traffic flow), you can manage it better.

attended knife skills 101.  eight inch blade does everything.  left hand claw with hidden thumb, push forward not down, grip the whole handle.

think roy blunt looks like the just want to watch the world burn joker.  if the climate trend continues, the collapse of civilization is plausible.

coworked and at lunch ate a burger and drank a wolf pup session.  do you think it's hunting bookworms?  speaking of hunters..

roasted coffee at david's during the workday.  i asked if the jar of green slime was an alien, he answered an earnest no.  you can't correct for an original sin.  at the izakaya, he wouldn't lady and the tramp a noodle with me.  when they bring the first person back to life: "what's the afterlife like?"  "afterlife?  i just died a second ago"

interpret the abrahamic belief in judgment day: in the far, far future, humanity will master interstellar travel and possess enough resources to re-animate (bring back to life) and then care for generations of humans throughout history, gradually turning back the clock and reviving each generation from the dead.  in that far, far future, re-birth simply means resuscitating the consciousness of a dead person into a healthy, young body.  in the waves of human souls being brought back to life and in the ever-expanding availability of intergalactic resources, far, far future humans will review your life as you lived it and decide whether to re-animate you into existence in this far, far future.  your far, far future human judge may be different from adjudicator of many others, and so we who now walk on this earth worship different gods.