this week i

went to the hirshhorn after hours on friday night with a friend. we ate pizza standing in line, the people near us didn't even hide their drool. then we enter: so they furnish this fancy art museum with ten foot-high speakers, multiple liquor vendors, and a few thousand twenty-somethings. no one was looking at the artwork. after that, we watched the midnight showing of pulp fiction at the e street cinema. my favorite line: "mushroom cloud-layin' motherfucker, motherfucker" my father's favorite line: "check out the big brain on brad"

went hiking in the shenandoah on saturday. old rag trail, lots of rock climbing, ten miles. still feel it. after, ate some delicious overpriced food at pennsylvania & 7th, went to an obama karaoke event, sang along, resisted the devil on my shoulder that desired to run up, grab the mike, and make an ass of myself. concluded the evening in the greatest jumbo-slice ever - dark, loud music, and disco lights, on u street.

hosted a mexican couchsurfer, four nights. she was working on a farm in cape cod. my spanish is terrible, but it's good to practice. monday night, i took her to a friend's birthday party at rocket bar. skee-ball: she was ahead 200 to 100, one ball remaining. i hit the 100 hole, she gutter-balls it. tie goes to the underdog.

am still shocked by, and celebrating, obama's victory.

took her to habana village on tuesday night, it's only open wed - sat. want to go back.

went to the ethiopian embassy wednesday for a jewish/ethiopian mish-mash. my dad is friendly with the ethiopian owner of the 7-11 near his house. my dad mentioned i'm going there for christmas, and this man insisted we meet. when i called him, he tells me we'll sit down and talk about my trip, then tuesday he invites me to some craziness at the embassy the next day. i shook some hands, ate some sponge-bread, you know the drill. i need to attend more embassy functions. the world got a little smaller with every verse of the mostly-ethiopian crowd's hava nagila.

had some delicious calzones on thursday, then watched back-to-back free persian films at one of the evening smithsonians. another untapped resource.