this week i

built a font, tangentially inspired by edward gorey's abecedarian gashlycrumb tinies.  artificial intelligence now synonym with computer programming


learned garcia named after author of smoke gets in your eyes. no, no, no, only thelonious. nancy sinatra and jessie j both sing bang bang well tho


am meteor, hear me roar.  to the rental agents i say, "the wallpaper stays" as the pixelated tail of a recurring comet, till back in style once more


read steppenwolf by herman hesse (1927) with a kubrick jumanji hallucination conclusion.  holocaust derivative of greek (through latin): burnt whole

passing the ivy and the grass and the little fir tree i reached the door of the house, found the keyhole and the switch, slipped past the glazed doors, and the polished cupboards and the potted plants and unlocked the door of my room, my little pretence of a home, where the armchair and the stove, the ink-pot and the paintbox, novalis and dostoievski, awaited me just as do the mother, or the wife, the children, maids, dogs and cats in the case of more sensible people

 he had engaged in it with many a change of weapons.  finally, at the age of forty-seven or thereabouts, a happy and not unhumorous idea came to him from which he often derived some amusement.  he appointed his fiftieth birthday as the day on which he might allow himself to take his own life.  on this day, according to his mood, so he agreed with himself, it should be open to him to employ the emergency exit or not.  let happen to him what might, illness, poverty, suffering and bitterness, there was a time-limit

 man is an onion made up of a hundred integuments

 you've polished your glasses, eaten something and had a drink.  now we'll go and give your shoes and trousers a brush and then you'll dance a shimmy with me

you will now, without fear and with unfeigned pleasure, enter our visionary world.  you will introduce yourself to it by means of a trifling suicide, since this is the custom

seriousness, young man, is an accident of time.  it consists, i don't mind telling you in confidence, in putting too high a value on time. i, too, once put too high a value on time.  for that reason i wished to be a hundred years old. in eternity, however, there is no time, you see.  eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke

allow me to introduce myself.  my name is gustav.  we have taken the liberty of shooting your chauffeur.  may we inquire whom we have the honor to address?

 mozart laughed


this week i

celebrated zoe and oliver's fourth.  chris from wagner's plumbing remembered my mother.  central bankers argue like goodfellas: among the italians

read the american (texas) wildflower florilegium: pitcher plants, alligator bonnets, fleur-de-lisas, fire wheels.  seventeenth prime cicadas bloom too

watched elia kazan's a face in the crowd.  arkansan waitress looked of young hillary clinton, sitting on top of the world theme throughout

oh, a guitar beats a woman every time

i hear you just wrote the ending to my book


ate late grape leaves, leftover sushi, honeyed strawberries et (quebecois word) bleuets, chocolate yogurt pop.  world social report during daylight

income inequality has increased in most developed countries and in some middle-income countries, including china and india, since 1990.  countries where inequality has grown are home to more than two thirds (71 per cent) of the world population.  yet growing inequality is not a universal trend.  the gini coefficient of income inequality has declined in most countries of latin america and the caribbean and in several african and asian countries over the last two decades

in 2016, one in four urban residents, or over one billion people, lived in slums

most attempts at measuring inequality of opportunity use a decomposable measure of inequality (often the dissimilarity index or thiel-l index) to quantify the extent of inequality that can be explained by measurable circumstances and the extent that cannot..inequality that is not explained by measurable circumstances is attributed to differences in effort and/or skill

in bangladesh, the incidence of poverty is particularly severe in the low-lying coastal region in the country’s southwest.  the area is prone to tidal surges, salinization and cyclones, and living conditions are often challenging.  in the coming years, vulnerability to flooding and salinization is expected to increase, according to climate projections.  people in poverty will be heavily affected by these trends, since they rely on the local ecosystem for their livelihoods and have limited mobility due to their economic circumstances.  over the years, the region's inland fishing grounds have been degraded due to over-exploitation, destructive fishing practices and salinization, among other factors.  climate-induced sea-level rise and subsequent salinization will adversely affect many of the fish species, which are crucial food and economic resources for local  residents.  the government of bangladesh has taken action to promote sustainable fishing practices and increase community access to technological and financial resources.  whether this will be enough to enable these communities to extricate themselves from this poverty-environment trap remains to be seen

inequality within cities has economic, spatial and social dimensions.  economically, inequality is generally greater in urban areas than in rural areas: the gini coefficient of income inequality is higher in urban areas in 36 out of 42 countries with data.  china is an important exception to this pattern, with a gini coefficient that stood at 40 in rural areas and 37 in urban areas in 2014

bidonvilles, taudis, barrios marginales, tugurios, favelas 



this week i

called tappahannock domino's, end of state road maintenance, on the hood in saturnine field for satellite trail, green pepper pizza next night too

compared chesapeake screw-pile lighthouses to west point smokestacks where mattaponi and pamunkey form the york.  deltaville dockyard dining, no flaming hot cheeto dust on middle peninsular ice cream.  we charred corn on tree farm drive glass cabin wall.  pale horses neigh another day


this week i

expect snark to reach full potential once a verb.  verbs get a pass on using the word in its own definition.  more sunshine on the 39th parallel


received an unbeveled incense stick, moaned about dust spilt: "like blaming honda for driving the car off the dealership lot and into a brick wall"


inhaled, concentrated, ordered food, continued concentrating, finished concentrating, heard a knock at the door. perfect timing.  it's bad for ya

have you pictured what this planet is going to be like in forty to fifty years? it’s going to be a big smoking ball of shit, a big, smoking, flaming, stinking ball of gaseous shit. that’s what’s going to happen. that’s what’s going to happen. it’s irresponsible to have more than one child. have one. have one child, replacement value for yourself, that’s all. don’t even replace your husband. don’t replace your husband

read junichiro tanizaki's the key.  a mid-fifties husband and mid-forties wife uncork their sexual repressions via journaling

i haven't the faintest desire to penetrate his psychology, beyond the limits i've set for myself

he kept after me to kiss his eyes

as soon as he was gone i took out my diary and examined it.  the scotch tape didn't seem any different, nor, at first glance, did the cover.  but when i looked through a magnifying glass i found two or three faint blemishes-the tape had been peeled off expertly-which couldn't be hidden.  i'd made doubly sure by leaving a toothpick inside, counting the leaves to know where i'd inserted it.  now it was in a different place

you'd expect a man's calligraphy to improve with age

read the rubaiyat of omar khayyam, a drunkard's plea, translated by edward fitzgerald and popularized in the united states not long before prohibition.  a caravanserai of a/a/b/a poetry, a hair perhaps divides the false and true.  tamam