this week i

wake up without a view.

read some stashed away magazines..

 ..henry j. kaiser's shipyards built the uss st. lo and the uss gambier bay, my grandfather's destroyer rescued some of their sailors when they sank.

google searched: why do lizards do push-ups?  hidden under so many flashy distractions, this is the triumph of modern computing.

saw a husky here.  i was like, "i feel you, brother."  probably a downwards-reincarnated sinner from a previous life.  aren't we all?

remember kids, the only acceptable form of dressage is tiger dressage.

come away understanding my own motivations less than before, but i'm tired of hurting in my guts.


this week i

published our annual enrollment summary of the privatized medicare market and a few puerto rico stats.

removed that white hair.

recalled dr. seuss's sneetches allegory, with stars on their bellies.  locals here treat street dogs as vermin, but if somebody put collars on all of them - making you think they belonged to somebody - their treatment would improve instantly.  for a while.  the cows still have a sweet ride.

feel like i have lived in this neighborhood for an eternity.  six weeks.


this week i

analyzed the same trend across five surveys: american corporations have put the brakes on retirement health programs.

define wealth as the measure of distance that we can put between ourselves, one another, and the untamed earth.

met a rare person under circumstances that i will not disclose.  in other news: kneel before your god.  uh huh.


(1) death by cancer

i'd never been envious of those who believe in an afterlife until now.  it would be so much cosier than dissolution

(2) these monthly essays

who knows when they will finish, but in the meantime they give me some thinking and writing to do.  enough, but not too much.  should i find myself hanging by my teeth i'll just declare the end the winner and bow out gratefully.  if that pneumonia gets me unexpectedly, i'm sure someone will let you know.  no hymns, please.  except, maybe, janis joplin's 'ball and chain'

(3) entrepreneur space ship

'i would like to die on mars..just not on impact'

(4) american aims abroad

containment of the soviet union could justify everything from going to vietnam to going to the moon

the ratio of defense spending to all other foreign operations has stayed pretty constant at sixteen to one


this week i

sat in a shared workspace all week.  nobody says anything to one another.


dreamt i was swallowed whole by an elephant, no kidding.

ate fancy sunday brunch, tasted like plastic.

saw this dog and not much else..

..the heavens opened for a minute, then slammed shut again.