this week i

published on the geographic variation in access to abortion.

hold on to the wikipedia version of planet nine from the day its conjectured existence made all the front pages.

did not learn much from serial season one.  okay, murders are mysterious.  okay, court cases are complicated.  felt like muckraking.

found a bug in the google.

cannot overstate the magnitude of polynesian accomplishment: colonies from east africa to easter island trumps every wonder in the ancient world.

bought two days of food.  nothing foreshadows societal disintegration quite like a barren supermarket.  it's the apocalypse that will not be televised.

am stuck for a while, no problem.


this week i

published the first decent access and eligibility statistics on healthcare for immigrants in the united states.

consider concerns around menacing artificial intelligence to be overblown, will continue to do so until at least modern robotics can pick the crumpled $10 bill from my hand for a cheaper operational cost than the still-human cashier at the mcdonald's drive-thru window.  anyone worried about computer sentience enslaving humanity should take comfort in the fact that we still cannot predict the weather.  real problems are elsewhere.

wonder what characteristics of a congressional district best predict the representative likely to win a statewide senate race?  in maryland, donna edwards and chris van hollen both hope to capture retiring barbara mikulski's seat.  judged by constituencies alone, who would be the favorite?

cooked steak with matthew, just back from his brahman wedding so that makes sense.

this week i

transferred to a rehab facility, new battery of nurses' first names to learn.

click printable version to turn off distracting wikipedia blue links.

find a bug, think i fixed a bug, test my fix, if it still breaks

realized the mao haircut could be a cross-section of a vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing.

could also see him as heidi cruz, right down to the dyed blonde with dark roots.


this week i

made it into the new york times again.

hope to live long enough for the sex robots to be believable.  the young generation will go through a hesitancy period where they judge the early-adopters and only slowly admit that these gadgets are actually great, like we do with any technology.  i will be old and will not care, this is good.

asked paolo at the washington dc servizi consolari to straight out my paperwork at stella cilento.  sesso: maschio.


this week i

ground coffee, waited for my spinach to cool and for the sun to come up on the year.

honestly tried a cellular phone, they just scatter consciousness.  sometimes i feel like ubuntu is my only friend.

watched a very long engagement and wow jodie foster speaks french.

would be ashamed to work for the statistical agency of any nation, in comparison to the united states census bureau.  brazil is bem tambem.

found this old thing.


this week i

slept with a sister of one of the icu nurses years ago, she does not recognize me, it will stay that way.  and then, separately, cardiac unit r.n. asks, "what kinds of things do you like to eat?"  my father, still disoriented and not having had a real meal in two weeks: "pussy" - i'd save it for the gallows.

gave $45 for the postman, $199 for weta, $199 for wikipedia, $199 for girard college, $1,000 for friends overseas.  cash is the correct gift.

must not forget that the world is fascinating, neverending, sometimes exhausting.


this week i

waited in the icu with my father.  usually a grouch but if he's drowsy and you kiss him on the forehead he might mumble, "same to you"

intend to tell him trump won the presidency when he wakes up.

published our estimates of the impact of the individual mandate, winning new york times coverage.

forgot how peerlessly 7-11 creamers launch from a slingshot.

wager that studies have shown that people will say that studies have shown what studies haven't shown.