this week i

parked near the harbor, kristina walked me across the glass bridge between buildings.  i checked a few numbers, she conversed politely with the federal government.  two burgers, two milkshakes, to the soundstage.  they are more fun than i remember, is there anything better than a piano?

sped on 95.  excited dog peed on concrete, whacked tail on the iron gate, bled on my forearm, nice to see you too.  worked opposites thursday.

woke up early to jog along the schuylkill (dutch, hidden creek), matthew uncharacteristically awake, suited by sunrise.  he lectured union leaguers on health benefits structures, we met after for kenyan coffee, hot salt japanese noodles, biked back to fairmount.  i checked more numbers, part of the life, drank indian pale ales up to my line, scooped gummy bears into my frozen yogurt before falling asleep with the october windows open.  he cooked brunch before crisp morning hike along wissahickon (lenape, catfish creek) and i revolved back inside the beltway by saturday sunset.

kept this up for ten years.


this week i

published on the proposed rule changes for green card applicants and their families.

met my old friend john for the first time since darjeeling, remodeling a family home.  we walked across north capitol with an o to h street for trendy ramen, another night biked strobe lamp blind across the potomac past reagan airport for last calls of both naan and blue line trains back to u street.  searches included: nogs other than egg, mongers other than fish iron whore.  answers: cheese, fear, hog nog (bacon).  we agreed that "jay-walking is illegal" would make a good t-shirt, also that ordering a pumpkin spice latte and finding a slice of pumpkin pie in your cup would be surprising.

typed out "slart" confusing slide and chart, jfyi.

met archana on the northeast corner of federal hill, i confused seagulls for fleet week bombers and we counted taco-themed paraphernalia.

"these churros don't have cream inside"  "you're thinking of cannoli"


this week i

published our annual survey of employer health benefits, unclear when these dollars will come down to earth.  matthew went tackle-crazy.

jogged along the still-draining potomac.

listened to polished mahogany jazz piano at the arts club of dc, prefaced by shredded peruvian chicken, two pisco sours.


this week i

submitted a september invoice, beltway traffic toward baltimore airport, fifty minutes airborne, high speed chase through tunnels under the charles river.  huseyin worked till last call at harvard library, found me eating at the kitchen table, a worth-the-trip moment of mental processing, stage-whisper "what the fuck."  episode of the recoupling ibizan chavs before inflating the airbed, then one full birthday.  you know what i mean?