this week i

published on the proposed rule changes for green card applicants and their families.

met my old friend john for the first time since darjeeling, remodeling a family home.  we walked across north capitol with an o to h street for trendy ramen, another night biked strobe lamp blind across the potomac past reagan airport for last calls of both naan and blue line trains back to u street.  searches included: nogs other than egg, mongers other than fish iron whore.  answers: cheese, fear, hog nog (bacon).  we agreed that "jay-walking is illegal" would make a good t-shirt, also that ordering a pumpkin spice latte and finding a slice of pumpkin pie in your cup would be surprising.

typed out "slart" confusing slide and chart, jfyi.

met archana on the northeast corner of federal hill, i confused seagulls for fleet week bombers and we counted taco-themed paraphernalia.

"these churros don't have cream inside"  "you're thinking of cannoli"