this week i

filed my first true bug in the r base system.  we'll see if they agree.

discussed dance moves.  not featured: tortuga would be hiding your head inside your shirt collar then popping out to the beat.

realized that at rush hour, people at the second-to-last stop ride the train one station backward to then head downtown: with a seat.

learned how to blanqueador mis ojos.  estamos tirando pedos de mariposas.  and for dessert, barbecued everything.

wore billowy shirts.  we laughed about the lcd in the corner of the park that said nueva york two degrees celsius here in mid-august.

worked in the building next to al jazeera america in 2007.  long hours so we waved across the fishbowl and i came up for a visit that one day.  they gave me a going-home hat, i lost it on the bus to panama city.  "dear john honey baby, i'm long gone."  never look back unless there's a big truck.


this week i

live near this tree.. building also has silly things.

would like a six-pack for my birthday.

worked up some stats with hannes.

ate half of this and what do you want me to say yes of course it was good.  that's a strawberry mimosa's bottom in the northeast corner.

copied down this song about the soul leaving the body while in bed with a whore.  aldous huxley was surely right.

do not include the luxury of sleeping late in my definition of freedom.  the equatorial countries don't give two shits about your solstice.


this week i

get weird looks at supermarket checkout.

enjoyed the embers of the flower festival..

..but this city needs no special occasion.

live up there.

introduced pepperoni pizza, cafe inconformista..

 ..romance in medellin.

generalize but no, south america has the best skies.

could not support this flock.  amazing that italy ranked ten so recently.

read weird al yankovic's wikipedia entry and..

when he called nirvana frontman kurt cobain to ask if he could parody the song, cobain gave him permission, then paused and asked, "um... it's not gonna be about food, is it?" yankovic responded with, "no, it'll be about how no one can understand your lyrics."

(1) identity theft from the dead

just another figment shoring up his legend

(2) snowden: it's amazing

he realizes that if he keeps his identity a secret, the government will rally all its powers and those of the media to convert the treacherous and hidden leaker into the subject of the story.  his intuition is that the best way to counter such a distraction will be to make the story personal right away, but to render the personal element dry and matter-of-fact.  he will do this in the most unobtrusive and ordinary manner.  he will simply admit that he is the person and spell out the few relevant facts about his life and work

(3) corruption from every direction

(4) foster care to this

a theatrically heavy footstep

(5) the second memoir

the intended audience seems to be 11-year-olds of all ages

(6) the middle east and north africa

western policy-makers try to persuade the authorities in islamabad and riyadh to face up to the severity of the internal threat.  but it isn't a failure to understand the severity of the threat that causes these governments to export jihad.  it is precisely because they do understand the threat that they would rather channel it elsewhere.  their policies are driven by fear

(7) fascism in greece

(8) an obliteration

madrick's j'accuse subtitle indicts "mainstream economists." but mainstream biologists are not blamed for creationism, and mainstream doctors are not held responsible for homeopathy

(9) political ebola

during the civil wars, the rebels-mainly of native african descent-dressed up in halloween costumes and wedding gowns or stormed around stark naked with kalashnikovs, as if to dramatize the worst nightmares of the americo-liberians


this week i

see the future for a living.  work alone, in silence, at home.  most everything else happens after five on friday.

ordered pizza delivery in spanish.  don't knock it.  a language milestone.  de means of, a means antioquia in this inscription.

passed this, ate breakfast, rode public transit up the mountainside.


walked the public gardens..

 ..reminiscent of candy.

throw cats further than i can trust them.

met a woman who knows how to smile.  in retrospect, talking to and spending the day with a stranger seems impossible.  we ate hamburgers..

..medellin shut down the main thoroughfare so everyone could walk their dogs.  or marry or bathe them.  or coax them onto hoods of tanks.

continued english history lessons.

saxons in britain preferred a separate old english word, sheer, which later was pronounced shire.  and the top official of the shire was the sheriff, a term derived from shire.  but when the normans conquered england, they introduced their own term.  the territory of a count was a county.

listened to johnny cash as the sun set on the valley.