this week i

woke in guayaquil haunted house before speedboat to increible isabela.  iguana in british english four syllables, inferior to t-rex next to the sax emoji

previously saw south pacific but don't remember touching it, snorkeling with its sharks and sea turtles.  that's a lava heron and a jack london tattoo


hiked volcano for endemic mockingbird atop endemic cactus.  panache even for pigeons.  losing footing post-fucking no way to right selves, starve upside down.  losers.  on other swollen hand, what happens if you masturbate too much.  this one looks pissed tho // he probably has his reasons

daresay ken jennings > alex trebek

grimm brothers fairy tales for a thousand
the grimms had this animal eat six baby goats, then get sliced open as it slept with the "meal" still alive within
what is the big bad wolf?
no.  troy or jake?
[time's up buzzer]
it's just a wolf.  we don't know anything about his size or ethics


read the phantom tollbooth by norton juster

"here, have a punctuation mark."  and she held out a box of sugar-coated question marks, periods, commas, and exclamation points

it is no more important to count the sands than it is to name the stars

"here, try some somersault," suggested the duke.  "it improves the flavor."
"have a rigmarole," offered the count, passing the breadbasket.
"or a ragamuffin," seconded the minister.
"perhaps you'd care for a synonym bun," suggested the duke

the instruments that were playing stopped, and at once all color vanished.  the world looked like an enormous coloring book that had never been used



this week i

released twenty fifth employer health benefits survey + journal article.  both of us authors on more than half, but npr only wants to talk to matthew


hiked down volcanic crater lake, that'll vaporize upon eruption, donkey lift-assist boxes too.  llamas are cool but zebra print >>> leopard print

got passed while passing en route to baƱos.  how do they make this earthquake proof when they build it?  //  by trusting god  //  laughter

viewed point furthest from center of earth, ecuador's oldest church and largest inca ruins.  what's the goal in life?  //  to pray for people that don't


have yet to find hummingbird replacing cherub, but first stained glass pelican.  cuenca pieta reflective glass bead signifies saliva.  boku travertine


wonder if cajas tulips caused dutch collapse.  highest altitude trees merit an update.  not duck season nor wabbit season but election season


read the dragons of eden: speculations on the evolution of human intelligence by carl sagan

we are descended from barbarians.  the astonishment which i felt on first seeing a party of fuegians on a wild and broken shore will never be forgotten by me

the fact of his having thus risen, instead of having been aboriginally placed there, may give him hopes for a still higher destiny in the distant future

 we have made a kind of bargain with nature: our children will be difficult to raise, but their capacity for new learning will greatly enhance the chances of survival of the human species.  in addition, human beings have, in the most recent few tenths of a percent of our existence, invented not only extragenetic but also extrasomatic knowledge: information stored outside our bodies, of which writing is the most notable example

"myths," declared salustius in the fourth century, "are things which never happened but always are"

the big bang may be the beginning of the universe, or it may be a discontinuity in which information about the earlier history of the universe was destroyed

 the language of heredity is written in an alphabet of only four letters

mutations occur at random and are almost uniformly harmful - it is rare that a precision machine is improved by a random change in the instructions for making it

one cubic centimeter is about the volume of an adult human navel

the largest dinosaurs had brain weight about 1 percent that of the sperm whale

the electrical currents generated by and through the neurons or nerve cells were the means by which the italian anatomist luigi galvani discovered electricity

animal motion ("animation")

somewhere in the steaming jungles of the carboniferous period there emerged an organism that for the first time in the history of the world had more information in its brains than in its genes

it is very difficult to evolve by altering the deep fabric of life; any change there is likely to be lethal

 in human intrauterine development we run through stages very much like fish, reptiles and nonprimate mammals before we become recognizably human.  the fish stage even has gill slits, which are absolutely useless for the embryo who is nourished via the umbilical cord, but a necessity for human embryology

described in reptilian terms.  we speak commonly of a "cold-blooded" killer.  machiavelli's advice to his prince was "knowingly to adopt the beast"

if i take the trouble of writing the dream down, when i awaken the next morning i can remember the dream perfectly well without referring to my notes

wisdom, the mirrored shield . . . ?

bipedalism preceded encephalization

snakes have evolved from four-legged reptilian ancestors resembling dragons

much of what we think of as human evolved long after the use of tools.  it is probably more correct to think of much of our structure as the result of culture than it is to think of men anatomically like ourselves slowly developing culture

"orangutan" is a malay phrase meaning not ape but "man of the woods"

our prehuman ancestors lived their waking lives in a state akin to our dreaming lives

predators are statistically much more likely to dream than prey

the ratio of brain to body weight in brachiosaurus was ten thousand times smaller than that of man

individuals who are blind from birth have auditory, not visual dreams

we are capable of visual sensitivity and discrimination at least as impressive as the olfactory abilities of the bloodhound..yet consider how incapable we are of describing verbally faces that we are perfectly capable of recognizing.  witnesses commonly exhibit a total failure in verbal description of an individual previously encountered, but high accuracy in recognizing the same individual when seen again

the right hemisphere is apparently unable to rhyme

the ancient greeks wrote in boustrophedon ("as the ox plows"); left to right on one line, right to left on the next

when lenin's party was a fairly small splinter group in russian socialism he named it the bolshevik party, which in russian means the majority party

analytical geometry is the corpus callosum of mathematics

 it would be wryly interesting if in human history the cultivation of marijuana led generally to the invention of agriculture, and thereby to civilization

a famous animal story told by both plutarch and by pliny: a dog, following the scent of its master, was observed to come to a triple fork in the road.  it ran down the leftmost prong, sniffing; then stopped and returned to follow the middle prong for a short distance, again sniffing and then turning back.  finally, with no sniffing at all, it raced joyously down the right-hand prong of the forked thomas aquinas attempted unsuccessfully to deal with the story