this week i

woke in guayaquil haunted house before speedboat to increible isabela.  iguana in british english four syllables, inferior to t-rex next to the sax emoji

previously saw south pacific but don't remember touching it, snorkeling with its sharks and sea turtles.  that's a lava heron and a jack london tattoo


hiked volcano for endemic mockingbird atop endemic cactus.  panache even for pigeons.  losing footing post-fucking no way to right selves, starve upside down.  losers.  on other swollen hand, what happens if you masturbate too much.  this one looks pissed tho // he probably has his reasons

daresay ken jennings > alex trebek

grimm brothers fairy tales for a thousand
the grimms had this animal eat six baby goats, then get sliced open as it slept with the "meal" still alive within
what is the big bad wolf?
no.  troy or jake?
[time's up buzzer]
it's just a wolf.  we don't know anything about his size or ethics


read the phantom tollbooth by norton juster

"here, have a punctuation mark."  and she held out a box of sugar-coated question marks, periods, commas, and exclamation points

it is no more important to count the sands than it is to name the stars

"here, try some somersault," suggested the duke.  "it improves the flavor."
"have a rigmarole," offered the count, passing the breadbasket.
"or a ragamuffin," seconded the minister.
"perhaps you'd care for a synonym bun," suggested the duke

the instruments that were playing stopped, and at once all color vanished.  the world looked like an enormous coloring book that had never been used