this week i

finalized this video tutorial about conducting public health and health policy research with online data query tools.

enjoyed this posting on the ease of spinning data, this census bureau violin plot of the changing american age distribution (pdf page 2 of 16), and maybe this pulp fiction timeline the most.

saw morpheus play thurgood marshall in a fantastic one-man performance.

accompanied max.. a party and cultural presentation at the german embassy.

watched dc united beat the los angeles chivas in a half-empty stadium.


this week i

wrote and posted my first wikipedia article on the medical expenditure panel survey.

enjoyed this general opinion piece demanding more public health funding and this reminder of the importance of context when looking at data.

continued working remotely..

broke for lunch once in a while.

scoured the gold museum, with..

nosering bling

audio-sensory overwhelmment chambers

..and floors so clean they're part of the tour.

wonder if there's any relationship between super mario brothers power-ups and the spanish word for mushroom being champinon.

took a ride on the batmobile..

..the helmet muffled my screams.

toured the plastics factory..

bused the zipaquiran countryside..

to tour the world's largest cathedral

..built in a salt mine. salt. the roman root word for salary.

tasted the walls, the pews, the crosses.

experienced the translucency of salt rock..

hallowed reflecting pools

homes for dynamite

..and gabriel's shadow.

love colombia for many reasons.
fertile land

warm people

fast cars

beautiful town squares, backscratches

tasteful museums

expert chefs

300km of biking

living breathing art

picnics and pda

fortified cows

well-dressed dogs

remarkable italian impersonations

pride, rivalry with mexican beers

high fashion found everywhere

innovative greetings

muchas smooches

the colombian word for cool: 'chevere'

pleasant evening strolls

true believers

will come here again.


this week i

helped kirsten predict ebola epidemics with differential equations.

helped michelle test the relationship between physician age and vaccination safety.

recognized johnny cash's genius.

recommend that you open up your facebook account and type this into the location bar to quickly see which of your privacy settings are too lenient.


revised the data tables for our health professional shortage area analysis to include chronic conditions.

finalized our academyhealth poster presentation.

merged the medical expenditure panel survey with the national health interview survey.

worked remotely from colombia (fourth visit to the country). maybe not as hard as the leafcutter ants (atta colombica), but still pretty hard.

landed in bogota, sped down the andes.

tunneled through hillsides..

..and mountain-cloaking fog.

pitched our tent in villavicencio. home to..

expert brickmasons

bright pastoral scenes

lakeside serenity

great escapes

..and hypnotic downpours.

tried out the ol' webcam..

..her majesty here was only interested in the heart-shaped effects.

went to the zoo.

fed the fish..

..and the indigenous giant guinea pigs..

..until everyone's belly was full.

enjoyed the music of the plains.

rambled around the countryside..
motorcycle helmet priorities

electioneering with sunflowers, didn't you hear bp ruined that logo?

breakfast. notice the half-beer half-cola hybrid

efficient police transport

returned to the big city, with..
bbq lunches for busy businesspeople with no time for handwashing

opposite-day traffic patterns


dental marketers

parks and recreation

and god's house.