this week i

paid three entrance fees.

wonder how finding dead newlyweds in the pink cadillac affected those kids' sexual imaginations.

met francois for drinks, duck dinner in the 18th.  greying west africans congregate around the game tables of lion square till sundown.

made macarons in a cellar alongside the seine.  archana: nuh uh.  send your mess ups.


this week i

worked from the sixth floor of the open bar.  published first looks at the medicare advantage and standalone prescription drug plan market.

wonder about generational overlap across species.  humans often live to meet their grandparents, rarely beyond that.  female bottlenose dolphins reach sexual maturity at five and often live another thirty years.  do dolphins hunt cephalopods alongside their own great great grandpuppies?

don't remember any of this.  natalie reacts to the day's headlines.  the way i see it, so long as we have the onion, we have a country.

met erin downtown with two bicycles and some recently-acquired bruises.  we toured the windmills, drank with dijksgracht, ate at mordor's.

snoozed on the express to paris before crepes with guilherme.  he writes poetry about noisy neighbors but studies maths to keep alive.


this week i

learned piping direct from dan oberski.  who knew this was possible?



apistrat %>%

        id =  ~ 1,
        strata =  ~ stype,
        weights =  ~ pw,
        data = .,
        fpc =  ~ fpc
    ) %>%

    svyglm(api00 ~ ell + meals + mobility, design = .) %>%


left my bicycle on top of the pile at centraal staation for a day in the hague with erin.  cciio recently cited our first joint publication.

have not been alive as long as the tenure of four actively-serving senators: leahy, hatch, cochran, grassley.  grolsch water for hannes.

biked sixty kilometers.  never before seen species of lawnmoweroombas.

lit up.  the question that arises most often: "so, this is how you're going to exist?"  fun to walk the halls of the dormitory sniffing for doors shrouded in marijuana smoke.  two loud knocks followed by stage-whisper, "i'm gonna getcha, ya fuckin' stoner!"

ask why an all-powerful being would wish to shepherd a universe through an eternity?  creation was not intended to be understood.

designed a wheel of fortune puzzle.  RSTLNE gives "__RDER _N T_E _R_ENT E__RESS" clue is:  water broke on the westbound making all local stops.

would love to read the alternate history of scheherazade.  you know, the more believable one where she's just good in bed.


this week i

attended the ceremony..

 ..unconventional, minimal, good.

leave a place i enjoy, like when pauly turns his back.

flew across the north sea, received a dormitory key.  woke up at amsterdam's science park.  do greek scientists smash beakers at parties?

hung at the houseboat, hannes welded plating onto the new mastfoot, he cooked salmon, we played a dictator cardgame, including "us marionette"