this week i

recalled sam jackson's swine flu premonition: "sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but i'd never know 'cause i wouldn't eat the filthy motherfucker."

crossed the chesapeake.

roasted late night marshmallows.

watched sunrise over america.

made my own ad. horses, crab, corona, sunshine.

whenever i need to sell a friend on the merits of assateague island national park, i ask --

do you like friendly wild ponies? (pause)
do you like smores cooked over beach bonfires? (pause)
do you like waking up to the sound of the atlantic ocean? (pause)
what if i told you there is a magical place where you could find all of these things?

-- that usually does the trick. next trip i'll consider this.

ate annapolis crabcakes. also stumbled upon these.
sorry truman, put on a suit. eisenhower admitted hawaii and therefore gets to wear hawaiian shirts to the office every day, not you.

hmm where is hoover and bush stop lookin at reagan's cards.

can do anything.

muttered 'what the fuck' under my breath multiple times while reading the truth about the drug companies...

"companies would require researchers to compare a new drug with a placebo instead of with an older drug. that way, the new drug would look good even though it might actually be worse than the older one."

"combined profits for the ten drug companies in the fortune 500 ($35.9 billion) were more than the profits for all other 490 businesses put together ($33.7 billion)."

"the largest clinical trial of the treatment of high blood pressure ever done. it compared four types of drugs: (1) a calcium channel blocker...(2) an alpha-adrenergic blocker...(3) an angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ace) inhibitor...(4) a generic diuretic ('water pill') of a type that has been on the market for over fifty years...the old-time diuretic turned out to be just as good for lowering blood pressure, and actually better for preventing...heart disease and strokes."

"in clinical trials, they compare their new drugs with placebos (sugar pills) instead of with the best current treatment."

"in 2001, drug companies paid over 60 percent of the costs of continuing medical education."

affirmed my lifelong allegiance to the orioles. wtf is a national anyway.


this week i

enjoyed happy hour sushi and beer..
..figured out the perfect improvement. restaurant name idea - sushi+beer+donuts - do it. send royalties.
examined the spending, utilization, and movement patterns of the elderly during the 1, 3, and 6 month periods after initial admission to a long-term care facility. we're focused on all events after the date of entry; unlike a health event (e.g. a stroke), facility admission date is a clear policy intervention point.

kidnapped a birthday girl, drove to baltimore. revealed our surprise destination halfway through the car ride when everyone had to put on our eye patches and skeleton hats.

parrrrtied at the pirate-themed gala: fells point swashbuckler's soiree.

moved to a sports bar, still sporting pirate garb. a real attention-getter.
visited bertha's, famous for mussels & bumper stickers. nightly free live (excellent) music, you have to walk through the band to get to your seats. how the hell had i missed this place? baltimore wins again.

finished reading my bible. the most important book i have ever read. ordered other marvin harris books through paperbackswap.

"no purely religious urge can maintain itself successfully for any material period of time counter to fundamental economic resistance."

"the obligatory murder of soverign's wives, servants, and bodyguards went a long way toward assuring him that the closest associates would value his life as much as they valued their own."

"the pig was domesticated primarily for its for its flesh. pigs can't be milked or ridden, can't herd other animals, pull a plow, or carry a cargo, and don't catch mice. yet as a supplier of meat the pig is unrivaled; it is one of the most efficient converters of carbohydrates to proteins and fat in the entire animal kingdom."

attended the pig roast. metadocumented.

cleaned my father's pond. two frogs, one koi survived the winter.

attended a lecture on race & emancipation in newly-renovated ford's theater. four scholars arguing over who loved lincoln the most.

disavowed one tenet of buddhism: rather than voluntarily entering poverty, a noble life ends the poverty of others.


this week i

caught 400 years of the telescope at nasm, learned spherical axis rotation and movement around the sun have no relationship; our 24 hr day/365 day year is 5832 earth hours/224.7 earth days on venus and 10 earth hours/4330 earth days on jupiter.. venus days > venus years.

awoke to an npr report on mersenne primes, agreed with interviewee's analogy between these numbers and the hope diamond: neither has utility, they're just pretty. also felt the windows program you can download to help look for the next one - the great internet mersenne prime search (gimps) acronym - doesn't help computer geeks trying to shatter the stereotype of being sniveling weaklings.

linked american community survey (census) data to some other health data sets at the zip code and puma levels, imputed poverty categories, felt pretty good about it; now we can add census variables to anything with county or zip identifiers.

imputed missing poverty data for our disability survey (2003 edition), followed the nhis multiple imputation technique.

lunched on this (~$8) every day, need to go back to cooking my own sushi (~$4) with brown rice.

began reading what is quickly becoming my bible, got me thinking: seems vanishingly improbable to be born a 21st century human, given 200,000+ years of existence? actually, almost 6% of all humans to ever live might be 21st century ones.

recommend sin nombre, exciting fiction.

thought ya might wanna practice more before you show off on pennsylvania avenue...

...though the embarrassment award goes to...

...otherwise bhangra blowout at constitution hall was flawless.

vcu got some trophy,

but at amsterdam falafel, everyone's a winner.

resolved to "perish resisting, and, if nothingness is what awaits us, let us not act in such a way that it would be a just fate."


this week i

didn't need a seat for the afro-cuban all-stars,

hard to beat strathmore acoustics.

decided that the phrase 'feed the parking meter' was too much personification for me, tyvm.

amtrekked to jersey city, with greco-city hall?

...we shredded 1989 arcade-style tmnt...

...then waded through new jersey/york...
manatee fetishists

hybrid escalades a.k.a. double whopper super-sized fries triplethick shake and make it a diet coke

made from the best condoms on earth

central park rodentia

subwaytainment, dc write this down.

not my first reaction.

hardcore family photography
and the fruit cup variation of the sleeping friend's hand in warm water trick.

read the fascinating life and perspective of somali-born apostate, single-issue dutch politician ayaan hirsi ali. didn't agree 100%, couldn't put it down. to sum: 'people are always asking me what it's like to live with death threats. it's like being diagnosed with a chronic disease. it may flare up and kill you, but it may not. it could happen in a week, or not for decades.' she recently moved to aei - located in the same washington office building as academyhealth.