this week i

didn't need a seat for the afro-cuban all-stars,

hard to beat strathmore acoustics.

decided that the phrase 'feed the parking meter' was too much personification for me, tyvm.

amtrekked to jersey city, with greco-city hall?

...we shredded 1989 arcade-style tmnt...

...then waded through new jersey/york...
manatee fetishists

hybrid escalades a.k.a. double whopper super-sized fries triplethick shake and make it a diet coke

made from the best condoms on earth

central park rodentia

subwaytainment, dc write this down.

not my first reaction.

hardcore family photography
and the fruit cup variation of the sleeping friend's hand in warm water trick.

read the fascinating life and perspective of somali-born apostate, single-issue dutch politician ayaan hirsi ali. didn't agree 100%, couldn't put it down. to sum: 'people are always asking me what it's like to live with death threats. it's like being diagnosed with a chronic disease. it may flare up and kill you, but it may not. it could happen in a week, or not for decades.' she recently moved to aei - located in the same washington office building as academyhealth.