this week i

published on consumer behavior a moment before the end of medicare open enrollment.

donated 15 shares of vtsax to edf, 14 shares to the aclu foundation, 7 to weta, 7 to wikimedia, $2,000 to friends overseas.

cannot rank jimi hendrix, the usual metrics don't apply.  religion an admission the universe will never give us the answers we seek.

learned they're building roomba cleaner wrasse cross-stitchers.  human leadership over the course of history has been, as a statistician would say, average.  for every lincoln we've endured one fillmore one pierce one buchanan.  every president a roosevelt, we'd have colonized mars.  every president trump, the british would have annexed new england in 1812.  plus jimmy johnson and millard fillmore appear to be the same person.

cooked a turkey burger with avocado and orange peppers.  bad dog for the holiday, we hiked either escaleritas del diablo or escaleras del diablitos then beer ramen bonk.  good azimuthal equidistant projection but nothing greater than living in mercator.