this week i

calculated the number of living former presidents throughout us history.  adams and jefferson died on the same day.  btw fdr was cal ripken

questioned the recency of the discovery of zero until i realized the calculators of adolescence didn't have backspace.

hailed a taxi to the red balloon on the map nearby the embassy.  buckwheat with the scissors, no.  marlene cooked my next meal, yes.

spaced saturday, ate a jar of olives.  one dog goes one way and the other dog goes the other way..and this guy's sayin', whaddya want from me


this week i

published on the children of immigrants to clarify how many citizen kids would be affected by safety net restrictions.

wonder what democrats do if they win the 2018 senate and a supreme court justice dies.

live across from o roi du poulet but ate at the king of burger instead.  sounds better than it reads: hakuna mothafuckintata

made epsilonic improvements to  this is my assateague shirt.


this week i

moved into a penthouse.  you ask google which is the best continent and it thinks maybe you want breakfast.


this week i

ate a homecooked meal then slept a few minutes on one of two abandoned mattresses in ulisse's third bedroom before ayo drove us to the airport.  departing immigration officer asked me to buy him a coffee, i smiled broadly and repeated je non comprais pas as clumsily as possible.  touch down at noon, bags to the hotel with the pool, taxi to where i found realtors hanging out on the street november twenty sixteen.  where are the rental agents?  are you a rental agent?  i found pierre, i trusted pierre.  good friday, everything slow.  we toured what he could muster in one day that matched my hand-written list, nothing suitable.  back to the hotel, marlene looked nice for me and couldn't help but smile.  we ordered room service, ptfo.  woke before dawn, still unsettled, reserved on airbnb, called pierre to apologize, and that was the end of it.

paid a taxi six dollars to get as close as recollection allowed. searched my telephone during the cab ride and google said, "you visited here one year ago" to a familiar-on-the-map breadshop on the skeletal electronic road.  bingo, but still a mile away.  little rivers of plastic blocked the vehicle so continued on foot alongside children shrieking, "the white" in the early evening.  found my way to eric who recognized me, was amazed, invited me for a big beer or a small beer.  his friend delphin talked politics and shook my hand whenever he agreed with something i said.  a warm evening.