this week i

used r's low-level interface to rename 176 files (according to a pattern) in about three minutes of coding.

wrote syntax to convert meps sas instructions into an executable sas program.

read half of an end to suffering: the buddha in the world. kind of an asshole for ditching his family in the middle of the night. also, not a great book.

believe the hype. u2 concerts are as good as they say.

flew to heaven, i mean madison.


plain cheese

country skillet cheese

cheese with jalapeno and some bread too

curdish cheese

probably cheese-fed meats

..and various other characters, both savory..

and un.

apparently am quite tasty myself.

walked through the capitol dome, with..
back to school state senators

glorified weasel gargoyles

and sam the eagle, state bird.

dropped in on marching band practice.

drank boot beer.

ate frozen custard..

..and falafel.

polka danced.

caught up with my future doctor friends..
tom, my old bud from oberlin

and emily, my upstanding, studious, yet easily camera angle-victimized friend.

didn't understand..
used car lot inflatable orange gorilla-trolls on les paul parkway

absent senses of shame

massive pepper shakers in coffee shop condiments sections

airtran lavatory soap "affordable travel scent"

how that fan works, despite being an otherwise sickeningly awesome rural wisconsin bar

became a lake ninja in racine county.

followed the pilgrims.

saw red.

cheered cheers.. push-up per point.

waved waves..

..double time, then slowmo.

sang songs..

..everybody knows.

on wisconsin..

there's no wrong way to be a badger.


this week i

began researching what we would be able to say about medically underserved areas.

compared the official but not nationally-representative cahps national benchmarking database with some cahps measures asked in the nationally-representative medical expenditure panel survey.

researched the most appropriate way to deal with small cell sizes in complex sample survey data: the rao-scott chi-square test. still can't compare differences between means, but it's a start.

received my italian passport after 2.5 years of bureaucracy-wrangling. move over berlusconi.
found an article supporting my theory that bangladesh will be the largest public health emergency ever. the tenth most densely-populated country (all others in the top 20 are city-states!), completely at sea-level. raise the oceans a few meters and the country is underwater faster than manhattan.

scored some homemade green chili bean stew with wine bottle-rolled tortillas at ted's place.

maximized the viewing area on my netbook.

stuck to my resolution and mostly kept off of gchat.

still can't believe the inequalities tolerated by our species.

ended summer..

for this many reasons, assateague a magical place..

ate take-out hot wings and shrimp burritos by beach bonfire..

..and sammiches..

..and breakfast sammiches.

stargazed (orion's belt lower right, zoom-in).

watched football.

dodged landmines.

endured traffic jams.. horse-induced..


..and plastic toy viking helmet confused confederate nordic biker-induced.

witnessed police officer and horned biker gang harmony..

..probably reconciled sgt. crowley-style over a starbucks.
add one little beverage-holder to the latest bikes..

suddenly the biker persona joins the ranks of latte-sippers.
used this many matches to build a fire.

pole dancing

flying mayflowers

naptime companionship

herbivore/carnivore divides..

..and conversion attempts..

..but first a sprinkle of holy water.

solidified a tradition.

bade farewell to huseyin, leaving for london.

delivered a going-away present..
get it? barack huseyin obama

see you on skype. and maybe in istanbul sometime.