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published on medicare advantage enrollment, quality bonuses, and prior authorization.  just over half of beneficiaries remain in fee for service

toured cold season grumari (rock separating ipanema, copacabana named harpoonist) then bottomless caju, churrasco at feira de sao cristoval ordered via glitterpads.  guilherme shot for a stuffed owl (southern lapwings called quero-quero) while i impersonated the wicked witch of the east

learned brazilian lobbyists named as a play on the word for wolf, wake up little peter spelled pedrinho not peterzinho.  the met displayed pigments of the imagination, the taiwanese rebooted their router, and i regretted to inform maite that lennon-mccartney did not write a song titled "hey dude"



this week i

updated our enrollment estimates of drug coverage for medicare beneficiaries.  meanwhile, raj chetty imputed everything 

cannot conceive a higher priority than a peaceful morning at home.  "home is where i want to be" - paul simon.  marshmallow cake, best i've ever had


could participate at publication but no longerblue hearts emojis make me feel old, unrefrigerated milk raises my eyebrow.  other customers jumped in their vr headsets, maite, thais, guilherme, and i shared a drink: this is how you get monkeypox.  the good days of my life seem without end

the unorthodox government-backed "sake viva!" contest is calling on people aged between 20 and 39 to help devise business ideas to revitalise an industry hit by demographic changes, the pandemic and diminishing interest


believe my father held an alaskan king crab in his non-camera hand, caught during juneau's limited crabbing season.  bambina tem antiquario

read portnoy's complaint by philip roth.  the psychoanalysis of an insatiable, high-functioning jerk-off artist

her ubiquity and his constipation, my mother flying in through the bedroom window, my father reading the evening paper with a suppository up his ass . . . these, doctor, are the earliest impressions i have of my parents

i discovered on the underside of my penis, just where the shaft meets the head, a little discolored dot that has since been diagnosed as a freckle.  cancer.  i had given myself
cancer.  all that pulling and tugging at my own flesh, all that friction, had given me an incurable disease.  and not yet fourteen!  in bed at night the tears rolled from my eyes.  "no!"  i sobbed.  "i don't want to die!  please - no!"  but then, because i would very shortly be a corpse anyway, i went ahead as usual and jerked off into my sock.  i had taken to carrying the dirty socks into bed with me at night so as to be able to use one as a receptacle upon retiring, and the other upon awakening

this is the best air in the world, good winter piney air

even in the chinese restaurant, where the lord has lifted the ban on pork dishes for the obedient children of israel, the eating of lobster cantonese is considered by god (whose mouthpiece on earth, in matters pertaining to food, is my mom) to be totally out of the question

i have already confessed to the piece of liver that i bought in a butcher shop and banged behind a billboard on the way to a bar mitzvah lesson.  well, i wish ot make a clean breast of it, your holiness.  that - she - it - wasn't my first piece.  my first piece i had in the privacy of my own home, rolled round my cock in the bathroom at three-thirty - and then had again on the end of a fork, at five-thirty, along with the other members of that poor innocent family of mine

don't bullshit me, portnoy.  recite the dirty poem

ah, fuck that noise

wouldn't it be nice someday to live in the country with somebody you really liked?



this week i

waited for the bolsominion motorcycle caravan to honk at the occupied indigenous museum.  distribute power.  rio de janeiro: the tense but festive accumulation of every occidental iteration of human dwelling carved out of oceanfront rockhills at sunny windy room temperature winter latitude

spell my name ahh enny tay ahgah oh enny ippslon.  down by the bay deserves a snail breaking jail verse.  drc's atlantic coast angola on both sides.  branches of the tree of life evolved into airplanes but none evolved into helicopters.  the below sea level netherlands declared a water shortage

prefer to explain the concept order of magnitude as the difference between orgasm and dessert.  both great, but one an order of magnitude better
call bullshit algorithm this bad unintentionally, title included both words. dave chappelle: the kennedy center mark twain prize for american humor

discovered elegant recursion, the random page api, a google has no competition result.  cato ended each senate speech: carthage must be destroyed

# combination function
combn( 1:3 , 1 )
combn( 1:3 , 2 )
combn( 1:3 , 3 )

perm <- function(v) {
  n <- length(v)
  if (n == 1) v
  else {
    X <- NULL
    for (i in 1:n) X <- rbind(X, cbind(v[i], perm(v[-i])))

# permutation function
perm( 1:3 )



read zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by robert m. pirsig

writing and editing technical manuals is what i do for a living the other eleven months of the year and i knew they were full of errors, ambiguities, omissions, and information so completely screwed up you had to read them six times to make any sense out of them.  but what struck me for the first time was the agreement of these manuals with the spectator attitude i had seen in the shop

the land here was flattened into a euclidian plane.  not a hill, not a bump anywhere.  this means we have entered the red river valley

this is the hardest stuff in the world to photograph.  you need a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree lens, or soon as you put a border on it, it's gone

he doesn't want to get up.  i tell him again.  he says no.  i grab the bottom of the sleeping bag, give it a mighty tablecloth jerk, and he is out of it, blinking in the pine needles

doctrinal differences among hinduism and buddhism and taoism are not anywhere near as important as doctrinal differences among christianity and islam and all of the oriental religions great value is placed on the sanskrit doctrine of tat tvam asi, "thou art that," which asserts that everything you think you are and everything you think you perceive are undivided.  to realize fully this lack of division is to become enlightened..the illusion of separation of the subject from object is best removed by the elimination of physical activity, mental activity and emotional activity.  there are many disciplines for this.  one of the most important is the sanskrit
dhyana, mispronounced in chinese as "chan" and again mispronounced in japanese as "zen"

the primary goal of the church of reason, phaedrus said, is always socrates' old goal of truth, in its ever-changing forms, as it's revealed by the process of rationality.  everything else is subordinate to that.  normally this goal is in no conflict with the location goal of improving the citizenry, but on occasion some conflict arises, as in the case of socrates himself

deweese brings over some instructions for assembly of an outdoor barbecue rotisserie which he wants me to evaluate as a professional technical writer.  he's spent a whole afternoon trying to get the thing together and he wants to see these instructions totally works with chunks and bits and pieces of things with the continuity presumed, and deweese works only with the continuities of things with the chunks and bits and pieces presumed.  what he really wants me to damn is the lack of artistic continuity, something an engineer couldn't care less about

this divorce of art from technology is completely unnatural.  it's just that it's gone on so long you have to be an archaeologist to find out where the two separated.  rotisserie assembly is actually a long-lost branch of sculpture, so divorced from its roots by centuries of intellectual wrong turns that just to associate the two sounds ludicrous

after conjuring up this vision of a qualityless world, he was soon attracted to its resemblance to a number of social situations he had already read about.  ancient sparta came to mind, communist russia and her satellites.  communist china, the brave new world of aldous huxley and the 1984 of george orwell.  he also remembered people from his own experience who would have endorsed this qualityless world.  the same ones who tried to make him quit smoking

classical physics, the scientific rock of ages, would become "approximate"

a root word of technology,
technikos, originally meant "art."  the ancient greeks never separated art from manufacture in their minds, and so never developed separate words for them
he admitted the claim was grandiose and that value judgments were actually impossible for him to make since no person could be an impartial judge of his own cause.  but if someone else were to produce a thesis which purported to be a major breakthrough between eastern and western philosophy, between religious mysticism and scientific positivism, he would think it of major historic importance, a thesis which would place the university miles ahead.  in any event, he said, no one was really accepted in chicago until he'd rubbed someone out.  it was time aristotle got his
bouncing on beds, i remember from childhood, is a great depression reliever
when we meet arete in plato..we translate it as 'virtue' and consequently miss all the flavour of it.  'virtue,' at least in modern english, is almost entirely a moral word; arete, on the other hand, is used indifferently in all the categories, and simply means excellence



this week i

published on the impact of the reconciliation bill on drug prices for elderly and the disabled

walked where water in the air.  maite calls socks soccers and once i told her it's wrong but i like it so keep doing it and she does

watched mystery and vaginoplasty from the skin we live in, sweatpants hot booty in i am not an easy man, whitney cummings for valentine's day, he got me a sex much did you pay for that?  it was $180.  oh!  you're going to return right now and will masturbate with the cash

offer choice of sistine chapel placeholders.  flight attendants open windows so rods, cones acclimate. huseyin called at biker rally, he's a math too?

enjoy with wheat beer. videos like these make me believe opening scene of the matrix's assertion human civilization peaked in the mid-1990s

read the bottom billion: why the poorest countries are failing and what can be done about it by paul collier

the conflict trap, the natural resources trap, the trap of being landlocked with bad neighbors, and the trap of bad governance in a small country

by 2050 the development gulf will no longer be between a rich billion in the most developed countries and the five billion in the developing countries; rather, it will be between the trapped billion and the rest of humankind

half of all civil wars are postconflict relapses

in the absence of natural resource surpluses a fully democratic polity outperforms a despotic autocracy by around 2 percent per year.  by the time natural resource rents are around 8 percent of national income, the growth advantage of democracy has been eliminated.  beyond this the net effect of democracy is adverse.  taking a country with resource rents worth 20 percent of national income, the switch from autocracy to intense electoral competition would lower the growth rate by nearly 3 percent

his excellency, president for life, field marshall al hadji dr. idi amin, vc, dso, mc, lord of all the beasts of the earth and fishes of the sea, conquerer of the british empire in africa in general and uganda in particular

unless the coastal countries do well, the landlocked have few options

somalia was the last place on earth to be home to smallpox.  it was eliminated there by international health interventions a few years before the somali state collapsed.  now such elimination would not be possible.  had the somali state not lasted as long as it did, we would still have smallpox

does switzerland really need to make a living this way?

we sent a joint letter to the financial times, issuing a warning

becoming a customs officer is about the best job you can possibly get in these countries

only around 16 percent of the cost of labor-intensive goods is, in fact, wages.  so if bottom-billion wages were one-sixteenth of asia's, this would provide only a 15 percent cost advantage.  you then set the meter ticking on other cost disadvantages, such as transport costs, law enforcement, corruption, electricity, and availability of skilled labor and business services.  you soon get to 15 percent.  remember, the asia-oecd wage gap grew very wide before asia became competitive with the oecd

when i give this message to audiences in aid agencies people shuffle uncomfortably in their seats.  some of them may be thinking, "but what about my career?" for it would no longer be in rio but in bangui