this week i

think venus cool.  year shorter than day.  hottest planet despite not closest.  rotates backwards.  humans landed probe there before mars

jumped from five pull-ups to ten pull-ups because can do that now.  socrates said something about this.  and replace ttfn with ccfn.  ciao!

watched wall-e with its human milkshakes then ernest shackleton's antarctic shipwrecksmartly advertised, they ate seal, penguin, dog

at the end of a watch, your hands had to be chipped off the oars

the ship's look at it for breakfast, you suck it for lunch, you eat it for dinner

shivering in their burberry tunics

schedule send to think about reply, with deadline.  maybe i send a joke scheduled for next 8am, later that night i'll think of a funnier joke

hiked the murphy-chambers farm trail.  jodie foster beat nathan lane and harry connick jr on syndicated jeopardy


this week i

worked in the heat.

watched talk to her.  benigno and marco form a friendship that wouldn't have occurred in america, lydia's willingness to spend a day with marco while still a stranger revealed the easy socialization of spanish culture.  and bullfighting is a waste of perfectly delicious hamburger

see a little silhouetto of a man, scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango? [he enters a room] thunderbolt and lightning v. v. frightening

asked why do most living things need oxygen?  because oxygen releases energy stored in the foods that carbon based life requires to survive


high child poverty rates are a result of policy choices

give them money

resist oversimplicifcation by showing the complexity of individuals' lives-a special value in a polarized age

the typographic world is one of reflections and doubles

in 1818 anthony bessemer testified to an anti-forgery inquiry that it took him 12 weeks to finish a set of 61 punches

italics and bold are made separately too

look at the letters on this page.  the gaps between individual characters vary to give the impression of even spacing; to account for the tail of a 'y' or the hook of an 'f'; to stop a paired 'AV' from sitting miles apart from one another.  each letter has a kern relationship with its neighbor: one finds it doesn't look nearly so nice without kerning

all lakes are temporary over geologic time scales, as they will slowly fill in with sediments or spill out of the basin containing them

in newfoundland, for example, almost every lake is called a pond, whereas in wisconsin, almost every pond is called a lake

some lakes do not have a natural outflow and lose water solely by evaporation or underground seepage or both.  they are termed endorheic lakes

the shrinking aral sea is described as being "murdered" by the diversion for irrigation of the rivers feeding it

the caspian sea is generally regarded by geographers, biologists and limnologists as a huge inland salt lake.  however, the caspian's large size means that for some purposes it is better modeled as a sea.  geologically, the caspian, black, and mediterranean seas are remnants of the ancient tethys ocean.  politically, the distinction between a sea and a lake may affect how the caspian is treated by international law


this week i

published on multi-generational households in a pandemic

hung outside.  been seeing my life less linearly as of late

will under no circumstances eat a fish that's encountered a microwave

cut the cheese

Best halloumi grill meze
-Cut pita bread into quarters
-Inside each quarter put a slice of halloumi and tomato
-Enjoy deliciousness
(You must have had this in Cyprus, any restaurant would have this as a standard starter)

Omelette with grated halloumi
-Mix 2 eggs with a quarter of halloumi grated
-Mix in 1 teaspoon of dried mint
-Cook as omelette
-this portion serves 1

When eating halloumi with watermelon, eat it cold, no grilling

read evangeline by henry wadsworth longfellow.  latin new scotland up the mississippi then a right turn to philadelphia

the fate of the acadians hinged on international rivalry, and they were little more than pawns in the game

dwelt in the love of god and of man. alike were they free from
fear, that reigns with the tyrant, and envy, the vice of republics.
neither locks had they to their doors, nor bars to their windows;
but their dwellings were open as day and the hearts of the owners;
their richest was poor, and the poorest lived in abundance

under the orchard-trees and down the path to the meadows;
old folk and young together, and children mingled among them.
fairest of all the maids was evangeline, benedict's daughter!
noblest of all the youths was gabriel, son of the blacksmith!

they who dwell there have named it the eden of louisiana

still stands the forests primeval; but far away from its shadow,
side by side, in their nameless graves, the lovers are sleeping.
under the humble walls of the little catholic church yard,
in the heart of the city, they lie, unknown and unnoticed.
daily the tides of life go ebbing and flowing beside them,
thousands of throbbing hearts, where theirs are at rest and forever,
thousands of aching brains, where theirs no longer are busy,
thousands of toiling hands, where theirs have ceased from their labours,
thousands of weary feet, where their have completed their journey!


this week i

did not do much, just dodging lions and wasting time


this week i

updated our estimates of medicaid expansion impact to account for the pandemic.  oklahoma votes to expand

worked wednesday.  david completed the lamaze lake como crossword with grilled (hardboiled) eggs, avocado toast, romanian wine

grow suspicious of the sudden turn in attitude on trump's re-election prospects.  blaring indictment against americans that grill supplies not sold out

cooked breakfast for an audience of one.  would it be weird to make my phone's ringtone just a recording of me saying my own name?

vote grapes the most versatile of the fruits.  every second language i have tried to learn, i have spoken hilariously

cannot write down the simpsons' nelson's "haha" in a way that retains the higher-pitch-ha lower-pitch-ha sounds.  the pitch changes the meaning from "laughing with" to "laughing at" the latin alphabet loses this nuance, would other writing systems retain it?

evened the chess score but excited to lose at basketball to mr puffy knee.  don't usually care for bob dylan, maybe i'll like him more after he's dead

caught lumley's assistance on singleton psus.  thank you.  and read michelangelo's ninety years

mature masters like michelangelo remind us that the urge to create has nothing to do with age or lack of it, but rather with that inventive spirit both he and vasari called ingegno-inborn wit, cleverness, genius.  the spirit often manifests young, but like wine and wood, it depends on age to reveal its full complexity.  when michelangelo turned seventy..he had nineteen more years to live, every one of them spent at work