this week i

updated our estimates of medicaid expansion impact to account for the pandemic.  oklahoma votes to expand

worked wednesday.  david completed the lamaze lake como crossword with grilled (hardboiled) eggs, avocado toast, romanian wine

grow suspicious of the sudden turn in attitude on trump's re-election prospects.  blaring indictment against americans that grill supplies not sold out

cooked breakfast for an audience of one.  would it be weird to make my phone's ringtone just a recording of me saying my own name?

vote grapes the most versatile of the fruits.  every second language i have tried to learn, i have spoken hilariously

cannot write down the simpsons' nelson's "haha" in a way that retains the higher-pitch-ha lower-pitch-ha sounds.  the pitch changes the meaning from "laughing with" to "laughing at" the latin alphabet loses this nuance, would other writing systems retain it?

evened the chess score but excited to lose at basketball to mr puffy knee.  don't usually care for bob dylan, maybe i'll like him more after he's dead

caught lumley's assistance on singleton psus.  thank you.  and read michelangelo's ninety years

mature masters like michelangelo remind us that the urge to create has nothing to do with age or lack of it, but rather with that inventive spirit both he and vasari called ingegno-inborn wit, cleverness, genius.  the spirit often manifests young, but like wine and wood, it depends on age to reveal its full complexity.  when michelangelo turned seventy..he had nineteen more years to live, every one of them spent at work