this week i

give you california secessionists the middle finger.  stay and fight, you cowards.  north america would be one nation if i were king.

made a gin and tonic.

slept with a christian girl.  i heated up some supermarket freezer-section turkey cordon bleu patties in mozzarella and spaghetti sauce and called the result emergency chicken parmesan.  she made me wait while she said grace, the next day i sent her this photo as divine retribution.

intuit there's no french word for yield.

walk, too hot to run.


this week i

published on the impact of work requirements in medicaid eligibility.

know it's getting bad when you drop food on the floor and are too lazy to pick it up because "the bugs will eat it."  my approach to household cleanup: if pouring boiling water on the problem doesn't fix it, well then maybe it wasn't meant to be solved.

look back to old dave chappelle videos for a laugh.  if you want to understand what the world is not, you'll need to experiment with drugs.

stay classy.  another r bug.


this week i

left a message.  unclear on the most effective way to fight for public data when it disappears.  expect to see donated red maga caps in africa soon.

wonder why airline ticketing websites do not have a "do not show flights that are both slower and more expensive than some other flight" button.  they have to have thought of this and decided against it for some reason.  also, what did hermits do before the internet?

don't understand you people.  it's not going to get better than masturbating in a warm shower listening to the beatles with a mouth full of chocolate.  why does anyone bother leaving the house.

drank a friday night beer at the gas station.

bought some coffee beans from two cashiers at a local shop.  the first didn't quite grasp the concept of stapling.

replied to an old e-mail.


this week i

activated monthly contributions, the healthiest channel for anger.