this week i

landed in busan early that morning.

ran early mornings.

ate one of three.

 rented in suyeong.


watched the convention.  best tweet, best quote: "i'm happy to relinquish my title of the highest elected woman in our country" -nancy pelosi


this week i

woke up to adorned birds.  google autocomplete recommends "thing" when you type "jewish door"

admitted i'd leave within the week, that's okay.  she had never eaten a burrito before, so i fixed that.

traded mango-based meals.

climbed to the mountain temple.

cooked tom yum at home.

watched both seasons of rome, the history books hold most of the spoilers.

verina the younger, now, she’s a little tiger. she still doesn’t speak much, mind, but practically runs the tavern. anyone misbehaves, she gives them a look like medusa on the rag

headed out.  thailand too well-traveled for my taste, chiang mai particularly overrun by foreign pensioners with new families.


this week i

untangled decedent spending patterns by linear age.  figure nine, my favorite.

donated $199 to hillary.

improved our implementation of the zenga inequality index.  all four columns of these new columns different:
transform( mtcars , w = cumsum( mpg ) , x = cumsum( rev( mpg ) ) , y = rev( cumsum( mpg ) ) , z = rev( cumsum( rev( mpg ) ) ) )

paid two dollars for a dr. pepper.


this week i

should revive the greaser subculture, complete with duck's ass.

have always recoiled at developing world cashiers' reliance on calculators.  today, she typed in 100+100 for my two beers.  "two hundred please sir"

enjoy this mean center of the us population over time, wonder what story it would tell in other nations through history.

just stayed home..

..oh and this is true.

read the first hundred pages of real food before stopping out of boredom.

in cucina povera (peasant cooking), vegetables are often soaked in milk before roasting

"when you have a cow," he wrote, "you have it all."


this week i

published version zero point one of our software to calculate income inequality with complex survey data.  this is how brazilians say wow!

moved to the chiang mai crater for one month..

..brutalist interior, but two balconies.

ran intervals in the sauna of the outdoors.

eat squid without flinching, my gnarliest food in that category.  but who wouldn't prefer a pyre of spicy lime pistachios?