this week i

flew to cox's bazar, biman a pixellated turkish airlines logo.  roving vendors successfully sold sand-fried pani puri, less luck with 4x4s



sketched hokusai's blue period.  west africans, middle americans, south asians decorate vehicles best, groundhog day wins among stay up late scenes

 skimmed sailing against the wind: boats and boatmen of bangladesh by trygve bolstad


read the complete persepolis by marjane sartrapi.  the word "iran" was derived from "ayryana vaejo," which means "the origin of the aryans"





this week i

closed art summit with the dhakaiya. charlie's sohel's angels but but but he wanted a gun also. here on the floodplain, bonna's just another firstname


ordered a coca cola for a quiet place to sit and watch shark decapitation on (zoom in) the village grandpa channel.  orange henna beards?  mine would be dyed lgbtq rainbow or at least neapolitan.  fifty dollar blueberries notwithstanding, sang i love bangladesh by joan jett the whole way home


drew a nautical theme, goal merely to be better than gwb.  musharraf died, i'm unclear what happens when ai defeats captcha, how jay-z lyrics translate.  according to my especially unsupervised k-means clustering algorithm, there are currently about 8 billion types of people in the world


read on anarchism by noam chomsky.  william mckinley and archduke ferdinand both murdered by anarchists

many commentators dismiss anarchism as utopian, formless, primitive, or otherwise incompatible with the realities of a complex society.  one might, however, argue rather differently: that at every stage of history our concern must be to dismantle those forms of authority and oppression that survive from an era when they might have been justified in terms of the need for security or survival or economic development, but that now contribute to - rather than alleviate - material and cultural deficit

a liaison corps and nothing else

libertarian socialism is properly to be regarded as the inheritor of the liberal ideals of enlightenment..socialism will be free or it will not be at all

unless you think that human history is over, it's not an argument to say "it's not around"

anarchy as a social philosophy has never meant "chaos" - in fact, anarchists have typically believed in a highly organized society, just one that's organized democratically from below

what was evident to george orwell was also clear to the barcelona workers and the peasants in the collectivized villages of aragon: the liberal-communist coalition would not tolerate a revolutionary transformation of spanish society; it would commit itself fully to the anti-franco struggle only after the old order was firmly re-established, by force, if necessary

you actually wrote your first essay as a ten-year-old, on the spanish civil war

those who work in the mills should own them

i'm not a committed pacifist..the west should be using force to try to stop fascism

"he lacks concision." which is correct, i agree with him.  the kinds of things that i would say on nightline, you can't say in one sentence because they depart from standard religion.  if you want to repeat the religion, you can get away with it between two commercials.  if you want to say something that questions the religion, you're expected to give evidence, and that you can't do between two commercials.  so therefore you lack concision, so therefore you can't talk

environmental movement, meaning the rights of our grandchildren

rousseau's discourse on inequality (1755), in many ways a revolutionary tract..rousseau argues that civil society is hardly more than a conspiracy by the rich to guarantee their plunder

i see multitudes of entirely naked savages scorn european voluptuousness and endure hunger, fire, the sword, and death to preserve only their independence



this week i

arrived to scenes unchanged.  airport lounges earthly purgatory.  important south asian men wear dark vests, white sleeves.  piss this way, my king


woke for jersey-based temple guardian watercolor penciling.  bangladeshi flag differs from japan's by just one green/white click of ms paint fill tool


summited, with its terracotta shape of water-ers, tiger centaurs, true to scale mermaids.  what word meant jazzhands before the twenties roared?


read black like me by john howard griffin

"see you around, slick"

"they're getting sassier every day"

he did not commit this indignity against me, but against my black flesh

in a moment she reappeared to hurl my change and the ticket on the counter with such force most of it fell on the floor at my feet..her performance was so venomous, i felt sorry for her

"you don't want to even look at a white look down at the ground or the other way"

"every time we buy a gallon of gas, we pay a penny to keep the beach up so the whites can use it"

the dead voice one often hears

i was the same man who could not possibly have bought his way into this room a week ago.  my inclination was to marvel at the feel of the carpet beneath my feet, to catalogue the banal miracle of every stick of furniture, every lamp, the telephone, to go and wash myself in the tile shower - or again to go out into the street simply to experience what it was like to walk into all the doors, all the joints and movies and restaurants, to talk to white men in the lobby without servility, to look at women and see them smile courteously

we took a taxi to mike wallace's office

hanged my effigy on main street

"if you want to hang on to this job, you better show us some teeth"