this week i

helped out with a fact sheet on medicaid's role for women.

read about mexican violence in the news, but it feels far away.  north korea the distant second most dangerous nuclear state.

could not take photos inside.  cholula's mountaintop church adorned with the aggregated plastic knick-knacks of a thousand catholic grandmothers.

need three huskies and some roller skates to conquer northern europe's bike paths.

wager that some pretty cool youngster attends mass.  his and her generation replaces the people who sit on porches, stare out windows.

never remember the translation of subir.  apotheosis, perhaps?  arisen from a rotting corpse, perhaps?  ah here's another: canejo cangrejo = crabbit

listened to more of the podcast.

this particular flower had tooth-shaped leaves, and it was thought that the leaves resembled the teeth of a lion.  the french word for tooth was dent from the same root as dental and dentist.  so the flower became known as the tooth of the lion.  the dent de leon.  and after that name entered english, it was anglicized to dandelion.  so a dandelion is literally the lion's tooth.

leopard is actually a combination of that word leo for lion, and pard, for panther.  the construction actually goes back to greek.  but that means that the literal meaning of the word leopard is a lion panther.  and that suggests that europeans didn't always understand the distinction between lions and panthers and leopards.


this week i

rented a car to visit fozzie bear.  waka waka oaxaca

popped off the fourth tire bolt.  mexicans drive on the shoulder of two-lane highways so faster vehicles can pass on the median.  chaos

test drove up to the next ruins.

visited nature's infinity pool..

..please jump.

pulled in for a meal.  goats circled the agave out front, the owner threw pebbles to shoo them away.  his daughter studied a book in silence in the second room.  i ordered the quesadilla and eggs and chorizo, free shot of mezcal with the meal.  the goats returned, then so did the hail of rocks.

think it hard to find anything not to like, well, except that faux-gi.

would drop everything to open a shrimp trucking company if portuguese extended north past equatorial guinea.

read byting the apple and then invisible matter.

plato, through his derivation of five perfect solids, focused on a "quinta essentia," a fifth essence

a brilliant and irascible astronomer at caltech whose relationship with his colleagues was summarized by his description of them: "spherical bastards," because he felt they were bastards any way you looked at them


this week i

wrote code.  any evil website requiring an email login and password for whatever reason could immediately turn around and attempt those passwords as the login for the associated e-mail account.  also, when a user types an incorrect password into said evil system, those failed passwords could also be attempted on the e-mail account.  if not a simple typo, perhaps the user confused which key fits in which lock.  open sesame.

watched season five.

"i believe in you congressman, you want to know why?  because i trust ambition"  "so this is a straight up bribe"  "oh no, congressman, a bribe is something you can refuse"


this week i

released our annual enrollment estimates of the medicare advantage market.

hiked up a volcano.  two separate mexico city from puebla.  only allowed on the elder because, you know, lava.

would hide powerful magnets in the seat cushions to steal change if i drove for uber, sometimes catch keys same as tuna fishermen catch dolphin.


this week i

flew to puebla for a month.

checked in to a little house with its own garden.

assume this is a wawa, given the pronunciation of oaxaca.

will never reach fluency in a second language.