this week i

published medicare advantage enrollment by firm, to assess the impact of so many mergers.

checked in to a modern apartment at the south end of antioquia's valley.

stepped in horseshit.  that and plastic surgery are medellin's two flaws.  pictured: my path to the metro.

learned jupiter is so big that our sun's center of rotation lies outside of its surface.  a prime yo momma joke possibility.

think the first person to write down oaxaca really screwed up.  here's the setup, balcony just beyond the mcdonald fry kid pillow.

watched rio bravo.  hurling then detonating sticks of dynamite with rifle fire never gets old.


this week i

flew west, fourth of july 33% longer.  this is my dad.  he gets all pissy when i put button-down shirts in the washing machine.  love him anyway.

spent as much time as possible in the suburbs..

..a whirlwind hello, goodbye at work, some meals with some friends, coffee deliveries, gouge sharpening, etc. etc.

found this behind the couch.  from ten years ago.  mom painted that cactus behind her.  here, i'll zoom in.

blinked and next thing i knew i was in the salvador airport with an open flame on the tv.  and a lone clapper when we landed.  a dying breed.


this week i

lived in africa 54% of the past nine months.  hung out with my best friends all weekend.

read the old man and the sea.  never before gasped so audibly, so often.  kept expecting devolution into baser storylines like moby dick, jaws, but there are many ways to butcher a marlin..

each sardine was hooked through both eyes so that they made a half-garland on the projecting steel

no land was visible.  that makes no difference, he thought.  i can always come in on the glow from havana

do you believe the great dimaggio would stay with a fish as long as i will stay with this one?  he thought

the shark let go of the fish and slid down, swallowing what he had taken as he died.

..the story read like a translation.

no matter what passes i must gut the dolphin so he does not spoil and eat some of him to be strong

"he is tiring or he is resting," the old man said.  "now let me get through the eating of this dolphin and get some rest and a little sleep."

eighteen feet from nose to tail

did not believe the dreams of beachcombing lions.  how could a cuban fisherman have seen them on the west african coast?  here's how.

think morning is the best time if you can swing it.  and children are beautiful because they only want your time.

am most egalitarian after orgasm, most forgiving when the electricity returns following a long outage, most likely to be confused with an x-man if both happen at the same time.

asked about seedbanks for the animal kingdom, because this tree outside the somali embassy isn't the only organism worth saving..

..for example.

spent an hour with aisia. as chuck berry would say: it goes to show you never can tell.

enjoy local lawnmowing by machete.  and couches for sale, made by people who have never used a couch.

roasted coffee in a popcorn popper.

left my bicycle with zaidati.  she's cleaned up the shavings from those carvings for months, so, the least i could do.

had goodbye dinner with kelly and michael.

apply to many things: "this is the best pizza within a, maybe, 600 mile radius, how far away is johannesburg?"

continued hoepc.  starting at 28:30..
viva la difference

..and then on to germanic mythology, like any other animism co-opted by christianity.  the twelve days of christmas, yule, originates from pagan celebrations.  the original sinterklaas may come from this deity.  tiw (tuesday) is cognate with the greek god zeus and the roman god jupiter.  the names of all of those gods originated with some original indo-european word which meant skyfather.

the original k sound became and h sound in the original germanic language.  so kell became hell, but it came from a root word meaning to cover or conceal.  so we can see that connection to an underwater kingdom which is concealed or covered by a lake.  but that same original indo-european root word, kell, passed into latin as cella and if you remember back to the history of the letter c, the latin k sound shifted to an s sound before an e or an i in early french.  so latin kella became french cell.  and from french the word passed into modern english in basically the same form.  and today we have the word cell as in jail cell to mean a place where a person is concealed or contained.  so cell and hell both come from the same indo-european root word.  hell is the germanic version and cell is the latin and french version.


this week i

published our spring update of medicare advantage enrollment.

refreshed, refreshed, refreshed, the supreme court delivered.  scalia's dissent the best part.  so, scobomneycare.  affordable healthcare is a right.

the court holds that when the patient protection and affordable care act says “exchange established by the state” it means “exchange established by the state or the federal government.”  that is of course quite absurd, and the court’s 21 pages of explanation make it no less so.

we lack the prerogative to repair laws that do not work out in practice, just as the people lack the ability to throw us out of office if they dislike the solutions we concoct.

we should start calling this law scotuscare.

can pick aaron copeland compositions out of a crowd, but mostly listened to willie nelson, so we packed up for lushoto not lesotho.  all of the things.

told a story.  we've all been there.

wonder how much chicken tikka masala i can eat before i start to look like john boehner.

bought more of the things on the road again..

..the cdc says i'm fat.  so be it.  we have a real health insurance system now.

read the importance of being ernest, but social commentary on bygone eras never ages well.

jack: well, really, gwendolen, i must say that i think there are lots of other much nicer names.  i think jack, for instance, a charming name
gwendolen: jack?, there is very little music in the name jack, if any at all, indeed.  it does not thrill.  it produces absolutely no vibrations...i have known several jacks, and they all, without exception, were more than usually plain.  besides, jack is a notorious domesticity for john!  and i pity any woman who is married to a man called john.  she would probably never be allowed to know the entrancing pleasure of a single moment's solitude.  the only safe name is ernest.

i never travel without my diary.  one should always have something sensational to read in the train

algernon: well, i can't eat muffins in an agitated manner.  the butter would probably get on my cuffs.  one should always eat muffins quite calmly.  it is the only way to eat them.