this week i

lectured about online data sources to the jhsph policy class.  that used to be me.

cracked the national health interview survey's multiply-imputed income code using r (open source and free).  nhis provides documentation on how to do it in sas (proprietary and expensive).

took dad to lyle lovett at the birchmere.  hot damn.

tried on some cold weather gear before central asia.

fought a baltimore windstorm alongside two of my closest friends.

find the most nutritious soil of life in the graveyard of routines.

dug up some spring of 2001 photos from my first entrepreneurial venture,  i sold the domain long ago, but they've been logging every internet keystroke even longer.  used to drive to the junkyard, pay $3/piece to cut these buckles out of wrecks, scrub off the rust with steel wool, then add belt webbing with a sewing machine i found in the dorm.

sat front row for the silk road dance company.  enjoyed it immensely, despite not having a clue what was going on.