this week i

updated our women's health insurance fact sheet.

attended the first linux lecture.  kernel like air traffic control.

will stick with base r for lifer studio exceptional but not for me.

visited the first manga artist, chinese old jade stones

listened to ellen stofan advocate for venus over mars.

when you have one thing to study, that one data point leads you down many wrong paths

kepler has made us realize that nearly every star in the night sky has a planetary system

was there a time that mars and venus were habitable?  for mars, definitely yes and for venus, maybe yes.

the 460° C surface temperature on venus is largely due to a runaway greenhouse atmosphere.  given its distance from the sun, it should only be about 10° hotter than earth

how many chances did life have in our solar system?

wrote up whiskey down.  each phrase refuses to resolve

i'll take another shot of that
whiskey down and i'll drag
my ass around this
boring town and somewhere
the reds and greens of the street lights
i'll find you

now i probably won't hey but

maybe i will and all the tears
i cry over the milk
i spill form a beautiful stream
that flows wild and free
from the fountains of the brokenhearted

you're still movin' on and i'm still

goin' strong but it
won't be long till i'm
crackin' up in my
heart i know i can
bear the load
but still it makes it hard
when you didn't fall as far

i can tell that you're

doin' swell while my
private hell oh it
burns me up and that
lovin' you got me

high it's true
but i'm headed for the ground

i'll take the whiskey down

i'll take just one more shot of that

whiskey down and i'll pick another jewel off my fool's gold crown cause i'm the rue,
the rub,
the fools in love in the kingdom of the brokenhearted

now i said i wouldn't call hey but

maybe i will and watch the
water fall over the dam
i built and when the levies all break
every mistake
will rush me back to where i started


this week i

believe best days ahead.

think the props are silly, light bdsm makes more sense.

swiped left on fruit ninja for adults, closed the app, regretted.  the moment i saw that last one, in my head, i said this: "hey, you are not my type.  i think you will be a beautiful woman into your eighties and nineties.  i can just tell that you will light up every room for many years, i can just tell.  you are not my type, but i can see your lifelong beauty clear as day.  goodbye until the singularity."

wrote on my place in the universe.

i fight for the people inhabiting the future.  to you inhabiting the future, who will know so much of what my contemporaries did not yet know but who still know so little of what there is to know, to you i ask you see my consciousness as a voice worth resuscitating.  perhaps i propagate myself not in dna cells, not by genetic heritage, just with this nock of an arrow in the corner of recorded history.  i fight each day, to be excellent in what i achieve, with what i have available to me, from where i came.  i strive, and may your lives be richer than mine.  i accept this communion with all that is.  i ask you bring me with you.

think about it, seriously though: if we transcribe your brain to a disk - truly copying every detail - will you actually have died?

busted our damn selves.

coaxed him into the anacostia.

noticed they refunded her the points after the commercial break.

this week i

updated our estimate of the medicaid coverage gap.

found a new old tune.


(1) fauna of europe

the entelodonts, or "hell pigs," ...would run down entire herds of their prey in an orgy of carnivory, slashing and saving the extra meat for later

european civilization..was built on the back of a heifer..europe was named after europa, the "cow-faced" one, who mated with zeus in his guise as a white bull

(2) solving everything for whom

'type a' brute force programs would investigate every possible line as thoroughly as they could, given the limits of time and computing power, and evaluate each move in order to select the best at any point.  'type b' programs would play more like humans, concentrating on the most plausible lines and dedicating their resources to those..for artificial intelligence, this was disastrous.  researchers abandoned type b approaches altogether

by the time ibm's deep blue beat kasparov in the famous 1997 match, joe hoane, the principal software engineer on the team, said: 'it is not an artificial intelligence project in any way...we play chess through sheer speed of calculation and we just shift through the possibilities and we just pick one line

computers programmed to play weakly tend to alternative between world-champion-level moves and ridiculous blunders, as if finding themselves utterly at a loss as to how to let you win

(3) the repetition wears you down

"these sneaking and cowardly sicilians, the descendents of bandits and assassins, who have transported to this country the lawless passions, the cut-throat practices, and the oath-bound societies of their native country, are to us a pest without mitigation," the new york times editorialized.  "lynch law was the only course open to the people of new orleans."

(4) osteomylitis

if you're going to lose a finger, it's the best one to lose!  did you know that half your grip strength is in the little finger?  that's why the japanese used to cut off the little fingers of their enemies

(5) public health mistakes

ebola's reproductive value (r0) is 2 - on average one person infects two others (for comparison, the r0 for measles is 12-18, for sars and hiv, 4).  most transmission occurs during the provision of care

the body bags for ebola fatalities were black, making them seem no different from garbage bags

(6) african refugees

abdel fattah el-sisi hardly needed to audition for the role of europe's latest highly paid bouncer

between now and the end of the century, three out of every four babies in the world will be born in sub-saharan africa

some 'youngsters' in tambacounda in senegal: 'barsa walla barsac,' they say - wolof for 'barcelona or death.'

while european liberals try to parse the difference between asylum worthies, economic migrants and climate refugees, and all the while enrich and compound the authoritarian regimes that produce them, the better approach is probably to embrace a different paradox: reduce the incentive for africans to want to come to europe, while simultaneously making their journey easier and safer

(7) the limits of the bering ecosystem

bowhead jaws served as rafters in houses

neither system conceived of a moment at which economic growth was no longer possible or desirable

(8) peace elephants

evolution has selected for similar capacities of intelligence, compassion, and sociality in both humans and elephants

during world war ii..several dozen elephants and mahouts were killed, and as the surviving mahouts regrouped to discuss what to do, the elephants that had lost their mahouts picked them up and carried them sixty miles back to chowkham, where they delivered the bodies to the men's families

in air command had a policy of deliberately targeting elephants


this week i

drove to urrao to caicedo.  how many latin american geography students in the seventies saw rhodesia, thought knees?

entered the year of the optometrist.  when will driving be like cursive?  i donated $270 to bernie before the deadline, count among the five million

saw dubbed jumanji, modern art, one more day at the cafe.


this week i

ate christmas breakfast before bumpy road to birds, bats, butterflies, trout, tuk tuks of jerico, jardin. 

 translated the (veracruz) swing

dancing the swing
dancing the swing
you'll need a bit of grace
a bit of grace for me and you
oh come on come on
come on come on, i'll be yours
i'll be yours
i'll be yours

i'm no sailor
i'm no sailor, i'm the captain
the captain
the captain


this week i

published key facts on the american uninsured population.  now listed as a contributor on data.table.

rang dan's doorbell, his diction has improved.  describing his work with physicians for human rights, he defined diagnostic for me.

waited for the airplane.

rented a place in the clouds, southbound view over suburb se llama envied.

drank pergamino mornings.  disney cooked chicken, i met esperanza, raphael in las caunces de oriente.  alarmingly not searchable without google.

rented a car.  we drove to the old capitol and namesake of antioquia for dinner, a stroll.

bought bubble gum children's toothpaste at the supermarket.  i ate an onion like an apple like a russian

sabor seboyya chick-lehtee
you are the only person that is buying

brush your teeth
no kee-yero ceppirrarr mees dien-chees
no kiss until brush
she holds her hands side-by-side, covering her face
ok bubble gum bubble gum
no. para adultos
chiclay chiclay para meeeee
i kiss her hands
she waits a moment, and kisses the other side of her hands