this week i

published key facts on the american uninsured population.  now listed as a contributor on data.table.

rang dan's doorbell, his diction has improved.  describing his work with physicians for human rights, he defined diagnostic for me.

waited for the airplane.

rented a place in the clouds, southbound view over suburb se llama envied.

drank pergamino mornings.  disney cooked chicken, i met esperanza, raphael in las caunces de oriente.  alarmingly not searchable without google.

rented a car.  we drove to the old capitol and namesake of antioquia for dinner, a stroll.

bought bubble gum children's toothpaste at the supermarket.  i ate an onion like an apple like a russian

sabor seboyya chick-lehtee
you are the only person that is buying

brush your teeth
no kee-yero ceppirrarr mees dien-chees
no kiss until brush
she holds her hands side-by-side, covering her face
ok bubble gum bubble gum
no. para adultos
chiclay chiclay para meeeee
i kiss her hands
she waits a moment, and kisses the other side of her hands