this week i

love the ucla academic technology services statistical help site, so i wrote up the content needed to add an "r" column for their survey analysis cross-package comparisons page.  (note the "see also" at the bottom of each page.)  oh, and they put asdfree on their r landing page.

spent the weekend untangling the 1990 and 2000 decennial census public use microdata samples.

hacked into the bureau of labor statistics national longitudinal survey.  they said i could.

didn't make academyhealth this year, but went without me.  this poster too.


this week i

released the pesquisa de orcamentos familiares - the brazilian consumer expenditure survey.  twenty.

enjoy drinking with jesuits.  it's like eternal rumspringa.

miss movement, this doesn't help.

believe daniel ellsberg before most others.  no way does some thirty year old nerd deserve lifetime imprisonment for revealing our spy-on-everyone program.  just because the bill of rights cannot re-write itself for every specific advance in technology doesn't mean you get to ignore its general intentions.

know what's pretty good?  pizza.  pizza is pretty good.

used newly-released code to analyze newly-released logs of one of the ninety cran mirrors to get a sense of how many analysts download my work.

put that in perspective.


this week i

released our annual privatized medicare insurance market update.

mourn for those long dead.  funny how edison's phonograph re-defined immortality.

don't think this belongs above the urinal.

took an afternoon train..

for dinner, dessert, theater, and a nightcap

then an early morning across the high seas

up the clocktower of artist studios

..and back amongst the surface-dwellers.


this week i

posted a fact sheet on medicare's role for women.

laughed for a few hours.

am older than arizona medicaid, the last state's in the union.  booyah.

ate thunderstorm barbeque with dad.

took a long lunch at the national academy of sciences building.  so close.  never been.  nice city.  sup charlie d.

said goodbye to an old friend, one decade and one mugging later.  the last vestige of the weird shit i used to own.  now down to a stolen chess set, one guitar i bought, one guitar i built, six cartons of flossiraptors, and a broken futon.

responded to the neighborhood street study.  from the questionnaire wording, obvious they are trying to make the economic point that bike lanes are good for local businesses.