this week i

curled up each evening to watch the vietnam war..

 in many ways, everyone came home from vietnam alone

walked down the block, to the intersection of self-immolation.

drank an iced coffee with oreo cookie crumbs then passed out on the massage table.  a different world now.  saigone.


this week i

published our detailed analysis of out of pocket prescription drug expenditures.

want to see the predator-prey system dynamics of the introduction of polar bears to antarctica.  do they just consume all the penguins then crash into extinction?  a base-case for invasive species modeling.

live up there, on the second floor.  but i eat elsewhere.

need to clean up this textbook, strong foundations though.

worked from a few shared offices around the city.

watched get me roger stone.

"you had heard that the governor liked to wear his socks when he engaged in sexual activities?" "i ask you, dominic, what kinda guy does it with his socks on? sounds like eliot spitzer to me."


this week i

updated our estimates of the uninsured coverage gap.

question for the audience: which chinese communist leader's rapper name would have been dizzy p?

rode a motorcycle across the northern mekong delta.  ferry to the incense factory then rice-wine distillery, spiny fruits, syncretic religion and me.


this week i

updated our estimates of aca eligibility among the uninsured.

flew east. the trash can at the entrance of the charles de gaulle security line asks for gels, liquids, pâtés.

requested airport pickup: landlady met me at arrivals gate, called an uber in the sunrise.  cue robin williams.

watched planet earth two.  here, a motherfucking jaguar murders a motherfucking caiman.