this week i

drove to chickahominy shores.  i drank one miller lite alone with don miguel.  we walked past the living museum, through fields of rvs, along late-night train tracks.  dale ann bradley smiled at me, sister sadie sat outside while we ate rockahock mussels.  pasta, sardines, hot tub before bed.


still have a person for a father.  one meals on wheels delivery included a solitary lemon.

propose a revision: extinct in the wild.


this week i

met rupak for soba, pork cutlet, okonomiyaki at the north bethesda (rockville) izakaya.

unleashed a quilt.

received sitka salmon shares from galesburg from michelle, third degree burns on the way.

spotted a hawk in the neighbor's tree, maybe red tailed, hopefully hungry for doves.

mourn zero editorial standards.  she misspoke, said turkey, meant syria, a forgivable mistake during a fast-paced interview.  chyron-writer dumdum.

take it as a testament to astronomy that mariners knew their positions well enough to record every position.

read about poison made by physicists..

the attlee government decided to build nuclear weapons in january 1947, and to set up british camps x, w and y.  william penney, who had worked at los alamos, was chosen to direct the atomic weapon research establishment at aldermaston in berkshire, which was to be the british equivalent of los alamos and arzamas-16

aldermaston identified polonium-210 as the poison in litvinenko's tea


this week i

updated our estimates of the impact of pre-existing conditions protections, with new family-wide statistics.

spent the weekend in lancaster.  high german spoken by bonneted faces, bluegrass billie jean in the central square, brew-chanan in worst former president park, unclear why not andrew johnson.  we assembled two raspberry pis, reviewed euclid's, euler's proofs of infinite primes, tidal-locking.

live another day together.  when you go to a restaurant, you see people who will be in love.  just, everyone sitting together now, looking at one another's faces for thirty or ninety minutes, having a moment.  even if they're salespeople.  even if they're rivals.  everyone at every restaurant is there because they value the person at the other end of the table enough to share a meal with them.  we might mistake it for not love, not love, just friendship, just business.  but one day they all realize, we all realize how few and special the people we spent our time with are.  life feels long while it's lived, short as it ends


(1) the lasting revolution

unless you're reading this review in an old-growth forest, nearly everything you're looking at now was factory-made

taking orders, pooling knowledge, the repetition of segmented, rationalized tasks, leaving your home to work-by the early twentieth century, what had started within the factory's gates had transformed work outside them

(2) shark attack statistics

globally, sharks are responsible for just 0.00002 per cent of all deaths

59 per cent of shark attack victims were surfing or taking part in other board sports at the time.  (only 2 per cent were scuba diving.)

(3) battle of the sexes in china

in 2016, ian mckellen went to the people's park in downtown shanghai, holding a piece of paper: 5'11", 77 years old, cambridge university, house in london, still active.  his fans loved it, and it was very funny


this week i

emptied dishwasher, garbage, folded laundry, arranged the fridge, laid friday saturday sunday pill trays on the kitchen table.  our first conversation many mornings: in the garage as i fetch birdfeed.  code runs toward a ninety minute breakpoint, ideal for interim exercise, though yesterday i had improved its efficiency, now only needs one hour.  back, pack, one more check that the house and my father in it will last till sunday.  potholes on the parkway, virginia fails to care for its communal goods, newark before i knew it, a confusing name, they didn't call camden phildelta.  the shivakotis circled the globe with a four year old since i saw them last, we chatted about pokhara before programming and palisades playground.  bear mountain zoo had noah's two by two foxes, bears, skinks, uncategorized birds like the ark must have had, only one coyote sighted from concrete heights over the electrified fence.  we rented a boat to wave to grandparents onshore and riya yelled ammarama, same as i called mine nanassunta, nanaanna.  she whispered, "that's yummy" at the hot dog (cat tail) exhibit, then full of pretzel and oktoberfestive fried chicken, we napped till priyanka returned from chicago thunderstorms, watched six hours of made for tv mossad digesting two spicy onion pancakes, leonia milkshakes.

landed fifteen minutes apart, trouble locating the car both in the economy lot then again at tobacco quay, if only we had the tesla 'come to me' feature.  people picnicking a la paris et a londres in the riverside parks, we walked twice the length of olde towne mostly talking about five years from now, conspiracy means "to breathe together" in latin.  and kyle, i always liked kyle.  "and then he sent a link."

invented a joke for the geographers in the room.  how does iceland say, "hey, new york!"?  like this.  how does iceland say, "hey, london!"?  like that.

hear jerry garcia's voice come through the music.  conversation between whore and pimp, what i expect to read in dans la deche a paris et a londres.