this week i

updated our estimates of the impact of pre-existing conditions protections, with new family-wide statistics.

spent the weekend in lancaster.  high german spoken by bonneted faces, bluegrass billie jean in the central square, brew-chanan in worst former president park, unclear why not andrew johnson.  we assembled two raspberry pis, reviewed euclid's, euler's proofs of infinite primes, tidal-locking.

live another day together.  when you go to a restaurant, you see people who will be in love.  just, everyone sitting together now, looking at one another's faces for thirty or ninety minutes, having a moment.  even if they're salespeople.  even if they're rivals.  everyone at every restaurant is there because they value the person at the other end of the table enough to share a meal with them.  we might mistake it for not love, not love, just friendship, just business.  but one day they all realize, we all realize how few and special the people we spent our time with are.  life feels long while it's lived, short as it ends


(1) the lasting revolution

unless you're reading this review in an old-growth forest, nearly everything you're looking at now was factory-made

taking orders, pooling knowledge, the repetition of segmented, rationalized tasks, leaving your home to work-by the early twentieth century, what had started within the factory's gates had transformed work outside them

(2) shark attack statistics

globally, sharks are responsible for just 0.00002 per cent of all deaths

59 per cent of shark attack victims were surfing or taking part in other board sports at the time.  (only 2 per cent were scuba diving.)

(3) battle of the sexes in china

in 2016, ian mckellen went to the people's park in downtown shanghai, holding a piece of paper: 5'11", 77 years old, cambridge university, house in london, still active.  his fans loved it, and it was very funny