this week i

met rupak for soba, pork cutlet, okonomiyaki at the north bethesda (rockville) izakaya.

unleashed a quilt.

received sitka salmon shares from galesburg from michelle, third degree burns on the way.

spotted a hawk in the neighbor's tree, maybe red tailed, hopefully hungry for doves.

mourn zero editorial standards.  she misspoke, said turkey, meant syria, a forgivable mistake during a fast-paced interview.  chyron-writer dumdum.

take it as a testament to astronomy that mariners knew their positions well enough to record every position.

read about poison made by physicists..

the attlee government decided to build nuclear weapons in january 1947, and to set up british camps x, w and y.  william penney, who had worked at los alamos, was chosen to direct the atomic weapon research establishment at aldermaston in berkshire, which was to be the british equivalent of los alamos and arzamas-16

aldermaston identified polonium-210 as the poison in litvinenko's tea