this week i

learned jekyll basics then test-launched and in parallel.  a for the rest of my life project.

won another link from the brazilian census bureau.

consider the oregon state prison concert one of jerry garcia's best.

made a mozarella spicy sausage smoked salmon sandwich myself.  how much would doing a line of sriracha hurt?

moved my father out of the institution..

..back to his spot.  truven gave us more data.  hannes got tenure-track.  a good day.

listened to more jordan peterson..

the highest faculty of the human being was the capacity to consciously attend to the unknown and to make something new out of it

we invented fire about two million years ago.  and that enabled us to cook food.  and that enabled us to swap intestinal length for brain.


this week i

published on the state of health insurance and medical need in the american south.

drove downtown and ate with some old friends, sure did.

must move through my career assuming i will be obsolete by forty.

found my github todo list.

bet the blizzard of 2016 destroyed a lot of new year's resolutions.

watch the pbs newshour most nights now.

wonder about sentience.  do we define it as the ability to learn - which includes life down to amphibians - or as some form of free will, where our own consciousness has evolved sufficiently to escape every impending action and reaction in the universe, the predestination of atoms bouncing off of one another?  seems conceited to assume the human animal alone has broken the inevitability of events.

never succeed at balance or moderation.  they appear failed avenues to excellence.


this week i

published on the household expenditure of medicaid beneficiaries because protection works.

crank it up.  the louis armstrong of rock and roll, no mistakes.

ate at the hipster wet dream that is woodberry kitchen.  and then spro.

paid less than two dollars per gallon.

wonder if scholarly citations should be weighted by the impact factor of the citing journal.  tabernacle sounds made up, like samaflubo or quarskeziz.

watched out of africa.  "hello baroness, i'd curtsy but i'm drunk."

continued jordan peterson.

well i don't mind your physical presence but your genes should definitely not survive another generation.  right, and that's sorta generally translated into "i think we should just be friends"  right, you know, and you can blow that off and people do and you have to because it's part of being polite and civilized but let's make no mistake about it - there is no more fundamental judgment than that

and that is what happens to people with post-traumatic stress disorder.  it blows them apart so badly, and not just psychologically, right?  it radically alters them physiologically.  their amygdalas grow and their hippocampi shrink.  if you have post-traumatic stress disorder you have a whole brain transformation, it's no joke.


this week i

published code to analyze brazil's national survey of health.

consider the flintstones (1994) movie exceptionally well-cast.

ate beignets with david.  matthew got a dawg.

would like to hear hillary say, "the first man on mars will be a woman"

watched some lousy movies.

began jordan peterson's personality and its transformations.

the systems that..keep track of dominance hierarchies are hundreds of millions of years old and you share structure and function of those neuropsychological elements with animals as distinct from you as crusteceans.  so for example, crusteceans use the seratonin system to keep track of their dominance hierarchies and you do the same thing.  and drugs that work on people for dominance hierarchy-related disorders like depression also work on lobsters

i doubt if a day passes where you don't do something that you swore you wouldn't do.  you know and you do it and you think, "hmm, why did i do that?" ..what do you mean "i?" - and that's the fundamental psychoanalytic question.

it's not that unreasonable to think about ourselves as something more like an anthill than as something that's a completely unitary structure


(1) whoever owns the robots

the average airline pilot is now at the helm of an airplane for about three minutes per flight

of the fifteen wealthiest americans, six own digital technology companies, the oldest of which, microsoft, has been in existence only since 1975.  six others are members of a single family, the waltons, whose vast retail empire, with its notoriously low wages, has meant that people are much cheaper and more expendible than warehouse robots

amit singhal, google's lead search engineer, who states that "the more accurate the machine gets [at predicting search terms], the lazier the questions become"

(2) the haphazard empire

in shenzhen, ollivier found only one set of traffic lights, with the signals ideologically reversed: green for stop and red - the colour of progress - for go

forty more years of unabated demographic growth for the continent against a background of resource exhaustion

(3) trade deals on a fishing village

hardie doesn't resent iceland and norway for the way they asserted control over their two hundred mile waters.  he envies them.  he holds, with ukip, that if britain had stayed outside the eec, as iceland and norway did, britain could have had its own two hundred mile zone, and the three countries could have carved up the north sea and north atlantic between them.  instead, grimsby trawlermen had to share with the spanish, the french, the danes and the dutch and endure a european quota regime supposed to conserve fish stocks that until recently obliged them, when they caught the wrong fish, to dump it

for all the talk of the 99 per cent, as long as at least 51 per cent of the voters who are content with the no-disruption parties, they win