this week i

published on the household expenditure of medicaid beneficiaries because protection works.

crank it up.  the louis armstrong of rock and roll, no mistakes.

ate at the hipster wet dream that is woodberry kitchen.  and then spro.

paid less than two dollars per gallon.

wonder if scholarly citations should be weighted by the impact factor of the citing journal.  tabernacle sounds made up, like samaflubo or quarskeziz.

watched out of africa.  "hello baroness, i'd curtsy but i'm drunk."

continued jordan peterson.

well i don't mind your physical presence but your genes should definitely not survive another generation.  right, and that's sorta generally translated into "i think we should just be friends"  right, you know, and you can blow that off and people do and you have to because it's part of being polite and civilized but let's make no mistake about it - there is no more fundamental judgment than that

and that is what happens to people with post-traumatic stress disorder.  it blows them apart so badly, and not just psychologically, right?  it radically alters them physiologically.  their amygdalas grow and their hippocampi shrink.  if you have post-traumatic stress disorder you have a whole brain transformation, it's no joke.