this week i

published the r code to import the surveillance epidemiology and end results dataset.

listened to some wild and crazy piano at evermay.

am older than the world's median age.

confirmed siamese twins are always identical, never fraternal.  i guessed, the internet confirmed.

don't think edward snowden is a traitor.  but you know who is?  confederate flag southerners - finding pride in secession.  here's my emoticon for you  ..|..  instead of splintering, we gotta join canada and mexico.

would like to start abbreviating psychopath, "pp"

received a two-years-later response from the guy who does for humans what cesar millan does for dogs.


this week i

passed four hundred commits.

landed in atlanta, rented a car, drove everywhere.

recorded a video postcard for dad.

paraphrase genesis here: and i saw that it was good.

should have been a dentist.

themed this one: invisible rollercoaster.

woke up early for sunshowers.

read the local paper.

passed a few jesus for mayor campaign signs.

hiked through high falls.

suppose this used to be an informative plaque.

sometimes feel pretty silly.  this is what you're doing with your life, anthony.  you've had eighteen years of education and you spend your time photographing spiders..  poorly.

kept on to macon, home to my second favorite song.

visited ocmulgee, the mound-builders.

always do this.  more important than prayer.

headed to athens for a cup of coffee..

..then back to atlanta for the coca-cola museum.

no.  jonas salk changed the world.  john pemberton just made it more refreshing.

museum-wide, not a single mention of cocaine

a real polar bear would've eaten them alive in under five seconds

"remove village"?  mombasa is kenya's second-largest city.  what a noob.

parked at the whole reason for the trip.

ran a two-day workshop for the brilliant epidemiologists at the national center for emerging and zoonotic infectious diseases.  preparation for the nchs release of the 2011-2012 tuberculosis component of the national health and nutrition examination survey.

toured their situation rooms..

..and the museum.