this week i

brought to their respective favorite places.  kristina ate the same before original flecktones, still throw cosmic hippos to the audience.

cooked surf and turf brunch for liz.  my father had a smoke on the back porch.  next evening i presented on the economic geography of air ambulance networksaams argues helicopters never self-dispatch - only responding to ground ambulance requests.  parent companies own both.

finished all eleven physics homework problem sets with a weighted average above ninety.  boiling water is 373/273rds hotter than frozen water.  the specific heat the amount needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram by one degree kelvin.  earth's oceans take two to three weeks to gain and lose heat, which is why the equinoxes (june/december) come before the hottest and coldest months (july and august/january and february).

run in the rain till i'm breathless.

packed, drove to rosemarie's before joe's.  lynne brought two hounds, cookie-making chops, i crossed walt whitman bridge to see home, office.  three post-feral felidae greeted me on the street under original awnings, half shut-ins/snoopy christmas.  furtive california raisin placement war ongoing.