this week i

updated our women's health insurance fact sheet.

attended the first linux lecture.  kernel like air traffic control.

will stick with base r for lifer studio exceptional but not for me.

visited the first manga artist, chinese old jade stones

listened to ellen stofan advocate for venus over mars.

when you have one thing to study, that one data point leads you down many wrong paths

kepler has made us realize that nearly every star in the night sky has a planetary system

was there a time that mars and venus were habitable?  for mars, definitely yes and for venus, maybe yes.

the 460° C surface temperature on venus is largely due to a runaway greenhouse atmosphere.  given its distance from the sun, it should only be about 10° hotter than earth

how many chances did life have in our solar system?

wrote up whiskey down.  each phrase refuses to resolve

i'll take another shot of that
whiskey down and i'll drag
my ass around this
boring town and somewhere
the reds and greens of the street lights
i'll find you

now i probably won't hey but

maybe i will and all the tears
i cry over the milk
i spill form a beautiful stream
that flows wild and free
from the fountains of the brokenhearted

you're still movin' on and i'm still

goin' strong but it
won't be long till i'm
crackin' up in my
heart i know i can
bear the load
but still it makes it hard
when you didn't fall as far

i can tell that you're

doin' swell while my
private hell oh it
burns me up and that
lovin' you got me

high it's true
but i'm headed for the ground

i'll take the whiskey down

i'll take just one more shot of that

whiskey down and i'll pick another jewel off my fool's gold crown cause i'm the rue,
the rub,
the fools in love in the kingdom of the brokenhearted

now i said i wouldn't call hey but

maybe i will and watch the
water fall over the dam
i built and when the levies all break
every mistake
will rush me back to where i started