this week i

believe best days ahead.

think the props are silly, light bdsm makes more sense.

swiped left on fruit ninja for adults, closed the app, regretted.  the moment i saw that last one, in my head, i said this: "hey, you are not my type.  i think you will be a beautiful woman into your eighties and nineties.  i can just tell that you will light up every room for many years, i can just tell.  you are not my type, but i can see your lifelong beauty clear as day.  goodbye until the singularity."

wrote on my place in the universe.

i fight for the people inhabiting the future.  to you inhabiting the future, who will know so much of what my contemporaries did not yet know but who still know so little of what there is to know, to you i ask you see my consciousness as a voice worth resuscitating.  perhaps i propagate myself not in dna cells, not by genetic heritage, just with this nock of an arrow in the corner of recorded history.  i fight each day, to be excellent in what i achieve, with what i have available to me, from where i came.  i strive, and may your lives be richer than mine.  i accept this communion with all that is.  i ask you bring me with you.

think about it, seriously though: if we transcribe your brain to a disk - truly copying every detail - will you actually have died?

busted our damn selves.

coaxed him into the anacostia.

noticed they refunded her the points after the commercial break.