this week i

think venus cool.  year shorter than day.  hottest planet despite not closest.  rotates backwards.  humans landed probe there before mars

jumped from five pull-ups to ten pull-ups because can do that now.  socrates said something about this.  and replace ttfn with ccfn.  ciao!

watched wall-e with its human milkshakes then ernest shackleton's antarctic shipwrecksmartly advertised, they ate seal, penguin, dog

at the end of a watch, your hands had to be chipped off the oars

the ship's look at it for breakfast, you suck it for lunch, you eat it for dinner

shivering in their burberry tunics

schedule send to think about reply, with deadline.  maybe i send a joke scheduled for next 8am, later that night i'll think of a funnier joke

hiked the murphy-chambers farm trail.  jodie foster beat nathan lane and harry connick jr on syndicated jeopardy