this week i

learned piping direct from dan oberski.  who knew this was possible?



apistrat %>%

        id =  ~ 1,
        strata =  ~ stype,
        weights =  ~ pw,
        data = .,
        fpc =  ~ fpc
    ) %>%

    svyglm(api00 ~ ell + meals + mobility, design = .) %>%


left my bicycle on top of the pile at centraal staation for a day in the hague with erin.  cciio recently cited our first joint publication.

have not been alive as long as the tenure of four actively-serving senators: leahy, hatch, cochran, grassley.  grolsch water for hannes.

biked sixty kilometers.  never before seen species of lawnmoweroombas.

lit up.  the question that arises most often: "so, this is how you're going to exist?"  fun to walk the halls of the dormitory sniffing for doors shrouded in marijuana smoke.  two loud knocks followed by stage-whisper, "i'm gonna getcha, ya fuckin' stoner!"

ask why an all-powerful being would wish to shepherd a universe through an eternity?  creation was not intended to be understood.

designed a wheel of fortune puzzle.  RSTLNE gives "__RDER _N T_E _R_ENT E__RESS" clue is:  water broke on the westbound making all local stops.

would love to read the alternate history of scheherazade.  you know, the more believable one where she's just good in bed.