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sped back to santa cruz.  fearlessness makes these islands.  no sightings but hey maybe gaudy to gaudi encourages conservation for same egotism that led stalin to burn infinite lives defending his grad.  strategically rename critically endangered for funding?  iucn lists all six boobies least concern /s




(1) to react in spectacular ways

will smith's immediate reaction to rock's joke, which had been laughter..every frame of the video sequence was pored over, as if it were the zapruder footage of the kennedy assassination

the online influencer's fear isn't negative reactions, but that 'engagement' drops

the most successful reaction video-makers have a likeable, innocent air; they listen in a spirit of wonder, not unlike a baby hearing something for the first time

(2) natural scarcity was just another kind of arbitrary authority, another palace to be stormed

theories of man-made climate change were widespread in the 18th century..the harvard minister samuel williams went round new england collecting plant specimens, plunging thermometers into deep-water wells and tracking the migratory patterns of birds, in order to confirm his theory that the arrival of christianity and industry on the continent had induced a more temperate climate - a view shared by benjamin franklin and thomas jefferson

 noah's flood provided theologians with a model for attributing ecological catastrophe to human sin

(3) do we need to know..that someone who teaches elementary school during the week is a drag queen on the weekends?

what is whispered in the closet shall be proclaimed from the house-tops 


(4) finns invented the molotov cocktail

the cossack takes everything that is loose

that is what we wish for you as well 

(5) every configuration of clouds he has ever witnessed

for borges, forgiveness and vengeance were siblings because both make use of oblivion

machine-learning networks perform better when they are allowed to forget

we played out emotional elements of our memories over and over again, we bathed them with humor, bleaching out their bloody hue

tony judt's postwar (2005) argued that the brisk adoption of such a willed collective amnesia facilitated europe's astonishing recovery

the commemoration of ancient hurts: "we should erect a statue to amnesia and forget where we put it"


(6) suing journalists personally

 the office of financial sanctions implementation, part of the treasury, issued waivers to allow the london law firm discreet law to represent prigozhin.  a man who is forbidden to enter the uk or hold a british bank account was given permission to harass a british journalist.  the office of financial sanctions also signed off on the lawyers' hotel and flights to meet prigozhin in st petersburg

(7) a map of semiconductor assembly facilities looked much like a map of american military bases across asia

in those days that part of the world was called the santa clara valley.  it goes by a different name today.  may bradford shockley, who spent the latter part of her life as a rather good painter and who died in 1977 at the age of 97, is the reason silicon valley is where it is

the military are the only people who know how to fund research, because the military are the only people who really know how to waste money

the cold war was over; silicon valley had won

can we have a moment to inhabit the technological sublime?  microchips are some of the most extraordinary objects humanity has ever made..the coronavirus is tiny, about a hundred billionths of a metre across, but it is a galumphing heifer of a beast compared to the smallest transistors being made in fab 18, which are half that size.  tsmc is now talking about transistor nodes in terms of three billionths of a metre.  that is so small that quantum effects, which happen mostly at the subatomic level, become relevant

for most of this century, china has spent more money on importing microchips than it has on importing oil


(8) the ancientness of the trees provides a maypole around which humans can perform their characteristic dance


using tree rings as proxies for snowpack and summer soil moisture, scientists determined that this twenty-plus-year period [from 2000 to 2020] was the driest in the sierra nevada since 800 ce

recalibrate our perspective on the geologic past..deformed by "an overemphasis on dinosaurs"

most people have trouble telling a beech from a birch

the chronological complexity of an old-growth forest, where "one-quarter of the trees...will be triple or quadruple the median age, and one-one-hundredth will be ten or twenty times the median age"

the niagara escarpment


(9) gregor samsa

when his fiancee, felice bauer, suggests in a letter that she keep kafka company, he sends her a panicked reply: "one can never be alone enough when one writes...there can never be enough silence around when one writes...even night is not night enough"


(10) erdogan is the state

"in 2008..turkey aligned itself with 88% of the eu's foreign-policy decisions and declarations.  by 2016 that share had fallen by half to 44%.  last year it was only 7%."  countries can be lost.  europe's leaders share the blame in this case: having promised turkey a future in the eu, they took that future away