this week i

watched a fantastic lecture about overcoming phobias, given by the superstar utoronto psychology professor (, and resolved to watch one video per week next spring.

shared my home with two journalism graduates from spain. newman's own five cheese spaghetti sauce goes great with whole wheat pasta, plum-tobacco, and some weird cardgame that might as well have been calvinball (

wrapped up my software engineering course ( i had toyed with changing my degree track at jhu's apl from mathematics to computer science. this course, and my workload at kff, have informed me that would be a mistake: high-level statistical theory (and data mining) courses seem much more valuable than learning tangential material like intrusion detection or machine learning. the data-oriented programming languages i use (sas, spss, stata, r, foxpro) apparently don't get taught anywhere except google groups' discussion boards.

put my father's four-bedroom house in bethesda on the market for inauguration week.

prepared sushi for him as well, he burned his sinuses twice on the wasabi. a friend had given me this fancy japanese serving set. notice my father inhaled his plate (on the right) before i could snap a picture. i would also love to cook some sushi for you.