this week i

won a staring contest. walking in the opposite direction of some little smart-ass, i noticed his look fixed on me, so i locked eyes with him. we paced this way, unblinking, another twenty meters, until i warned him with a grin. no avail, two more steps and he tripped over the curb. generous compensation for enduring two weeks of faranji-pestering.

wished airplanes could be made out of glass.


yeah okay that's not a seat

no deterrent value for mr. analgesiac above

good thinking

pterodactyl meets thanksgiving dinner

all rural health clinics should have a statistics room
car's eye view

a dickensian hybrid of scrooge and tiny tim, note crutch & coin-counting

one big pig
satellite tv must be a priority
monkey skulls are indisputably but inexplicably fascinating
one step for each year of mussolini's fascist reign, kids can make anything fun

the first bipedalist
the silver lining of italian occupation

ethiopia. five am eastern time sure is pretty when your body thinks it slept 'til noon.

enjoyed huxley's doors of perception. with darwinian self-preservation the goal, our brain matures to filter out sensory perceptions unlikely to be practically useful, 'nervous system and sense organs are in the main eliminative and not productive.' drugs like peyote remove that valve, flooding the mind with universal awareness - rather than only those inputs learned as advantageous for survival.