this week i

clicked the 'avoid highways' checkbox on google maps, flew to new orleans, snagged a rental, and crossed the mississippi border just before midnight - the full circuit.

pulled over, reclined the car seat in the rain: waking up on the gulf of mexico makes me feel pretty good in the morning. waffle house waffles help too.

toured biloxi casinos. when gamblers' eyes glaze over, it's a public health problem.

weaved through desoto national forest.

drove more than i slept.

blanketed myself in npr. wow, a harp in the emergency room?

made some friends in hattiesburg. we celebrated valentine's day with heart-stoppin' local cuisine, i recommend the fried jalapenos..

..then at the rodeo, watched some animal cruelty..

..personally, i'd rather be in the line to become a steak.

..moved to a red-light/green-light party..

..then capped the night at a diner..

..this plainclothes marine walked in, ordered a meal, and fell asleep. the sheriff woke him by pounding the butt of a flashlight against the table, then shouting past the toothpick in the corner of his mouth, 'yer sammich is gettin cold!' they took him outside for a little sobriety test, but military service means one get-out-of-jail-free card, so they just drove his drunk ass home.

would not miss..

river delta-appropriate fire department decor

so you're the greatest musician ever? congratulations. here, have a crappy airport and creepy statue.
why the long face

confederate guerrillas laid down their lives for this? not pictured, the owner's two watchdogs: one snarling rottweiler, one neon rainbow-dyed toy poodle.

some nice old houses, i guess

nuclear missile truckers havin' a little off-road fun

pecan-flavored everything, courtesy of classy joints like this.

trees walking on water

marry me diet dr. pepper

the original guinness world record

quality radio

cultural car artwork, my favorite at the bottom.

18-wheel oil tanker on fire (second-to-last right rear tire, zoom in), no big thang

thanks mississippi,

let's do it again sometime.