this week i

assembled county-level data from census' american community survey. we'd like the capacity to attach county of residence-wide information to any data source with a county or zip code identifier. our first use will be to add a "population density of the patient's county of residence" variable to the medicare current beneficiary survey data set, so we can include pop. density in our logistic regression of medicare advantage enrollment. in other words, is privately-administered medicare coverage more common among urban dwellers?

ate delicious peruvian fare, then made a midnight showing of jurassic park. $8 to see a lawyer eaten by a t-rex on the big screen, yes please.

repeated visits to the kennedy center's arabesque series. though a free show of the sudanese aretha franklin had its charm, we definitely got our money's worth at the modern egyptian dance.

preferred these wedding dresses to boring old white.

browsed the textile museum, lots of nomadic tribes' rugs, who knew? javanese batik my favorite.

made our fashion statement at imax u2 3d.

saw a capitol steps concert, my hometown bannockburn spring shows are better.