this week i

gave thumbs down for chipotle's removal of free lime wedges, up for muhammad ali underwater.

toured national geographic's birds of north america exhibit, fascinating migration maps.

chatted with a friend about her work on reservations in the southwest. not a solution, but this helps to explain the history of the problem...tack on marvin harris' hypothesis that the absence of domesticated megafauna (beasts of burden) in the americas slowed agricultural development (relative to farming across the oceans). so no horses/oxen meant fewer dense cities meant no need to purify water through fermentation meant no need to build resistance to alcoholism means genetic descendants suffer today... ? amazing anthropology, i've added cannibals & kings to my reading list.

hoped for more of this.

recommend the burmese fish soup.

dropped by the folger shakespeare library for the dreams exhibit..
..350 year-old books on well-deserved pedestals..
..but too much touchscreen digression.
museum curation requires linear storytelling, not just plaques + security.

dropped by the bach's birthday organ pump, just to say hi.