this week i

think fuddruckers $10 veg/$12 salmon burgers w/ sweet potato fries will win my repeat business.

burned a day examining the relationship between chronic diseases and high spending/utilization. though we can say a lot about people who have certain diseases, doing so would be misleading since comorbidities confound our results. when we look at, say, people with high blood pressure who lack any other chronic conditions, their spending doesn't differ significantly from average.. people with only diabetes also show nothing.. people diagnosed with arthritis but only arthritis actually spend less.. heavy hospital usage and high cost burdens only come into the picture after three or four chronic conditions advance on an individual. unfortunately, i'm unaware of any health data sets with a large enough sample of people with (for example) diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart arrythmia, but no other chronic diseases -- so we can't link discrete disease combinations with high spending. fuck.

hosted a successful sushi+beer+donuts dinner. apparently no one else likes donuts, more for me.

smoked a hookah in view of the monument.

may or may not have hit the 'record' button after telling a friend to balance for a picture.

want to name my children like george washington carver or benjamin franklin stephenson. albert einstein damico has a nice ring to it.

hope our politicians watch jon stewart (1) (2).

kept guessing throughout revanche. an entertaining movie.

dodged tourists.

visited the library of congress. my favorite display.

enjoyed the first draft of the declaration of independence (better version). 'we hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable'? glad they brought out the red pens.

saw a paraplegic homeless man just south of dupont circle recline his wheelchair seatback to arc his piss so less of it hit him on its way out. can we raise my taxes, please?