this week i

released a health reform paper about variation in health risk across industries among american workers. this google reader feed will alert you whenever i publish something new, in case you love awesome papers or are bored.

tinkered with medicare advantage comparison data. i hope your socks are on tight.

threw a final rooftop sushi party. wasabi guacamole a big hit.

will miss the view.

flawless picked the ripe ones.

let others do the dirty work.

moved: smaller, more expensive place, but a seven minute walk to work. expected to find a dolly in the new building, surprised to find this shopping cart instead. more surprised at the superiority of shopping cars to dollies when moving.

booked my flight to amman: christmas in palestine.
will try this new jetlag strategy.

vote this the best song ever of the week.

watched the first maps of meaning psychology lecture. this guy is brilliant.
"the eradication of old systems of mythological belief leaves a vacuum."
"if you let the old gods die, the probability that blood would flood the land was virtually 100%."